The Dwelling PlaceThe Dwelling Place

Transitions and Transformations

June 9 - 11

Donation: $180

Am I in transition in retirement, in my workplace, in my family, my residence, my relationship or health? When the familiar is removed, how do I deal with my feelings in the "not yet"?

Have I developed a plan as I transition from one phase of my life to another? How do I continue to live a more fulfilling life?

Some of the topics that will be dealt with during this retreat will be: realizing my gifts, overcoming my fears, addressing my regrets, exploring my lost dreams.

Where do I get my support? How does my faith assist my transition? This weekend will be a time to explore these issues in the light of faith.

Facilitators: Dr. Francis Baird, LPC, has a private counseling practice in Columbus and Starkville. Clare Van Lent, MA CSp, is The Dwelling Place director.