The Dwelling Place
The Dwelling Place


Donations [Effective January 1, 2016]
$90/dayDirected/Private Retreat
$90/dayHermitages [during the week- meals included]
$80/dayHermitages [during the week- retreatant brings own food]
$630Week long retreat
$180Weekend retreat [hermitage included]
$90Overnight weekend retreat [hermitage included]
$45/dayDay of Prayer [daytime only]
Personal offering  Spiritual Direction/Prayer
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Gift certificates and retreatant scholarships are available upon request.


Submit deposits only for retreat dates that have been confirmed by The Dwelling Place- please, checks, money orders or Pay Pal only:

$40.00 deposit...
should accompany confirmed reservations at least seven days prior to scheduled retreats;

A $65.00 non-refundable deposit...
should accompany confirmed reservations for extended retreats and group retreats;

A $200.00 deposit...
is required for confirmed overnight group retreats.

Effective January 1, 2016