December 1, 1998 Vol. 12, No. 4 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

We are continually challenged to 'think new' here also with the new Community of Dwelling Place Franciscans and our new home, San Damiano. We hope that the additional space this provides will bring some new friends to join us in our ministry in the form of Volunteers and Hermitage Interns.

I want to thank all of you who have responded to our plea for assistance in financing San Damiano. Also a special thanks to all who are responding to our second Annual Appeal.

Joy to the World

God continues to work miracles in people's lives here; we are just the hands, backs, knees, and willing hearts that God uses to effect that work. We know that this Dwelling Place has been begun by the Lord and is sustained by God's providence through your generosity.


On behalf of the entire staff I pray that God be born in your today and throughout the new year.

Volunteer and Hermitage Internship Programs

Are you looking for ways to use your talents and skills directly serving those who need and want your help?

Are you interested in living in community with others with commitments similar to yours?

Do you feel called by Jesus to walk more closely in his footsteps?

Then you are invited to consider serving as a Dwelling Place Volunteer or enter our Internship Program.

Both programs are for those individuals who may choose to offer service and live-in for a short period or up to a year. They will share in the ministry, life, and prayer of The Community.

Dwelling Place Volunteers are needed with skills in retreat work, building and ground maintenance, food service, library and secretarial work. Volunteers live and work with staff and other volunteers.

The Hermitage Internship Program includes study of the history and charism of the Franciscan hermitage experience and erection of hermitages, experience of hospitality, prayer, administration, and joining in the life of the community.

If you are interested, contact Clare for further information and the application process.

Labyrinth comes to The Dwelling Place

I had no idea how meaningful my journey around the labyrinth would be," said Sr. Eileen Shaw, F S P A , as she and others entered into this walking prayer on September 19.

It was laid in the midst of towering pines and surrounded by silence; the setting assisted in creating an atmosphere of prayer. Even The Dwelling Place puppy, Socks, joined in the prayer and walked with them as they prayed or met them in the center!

The labyrinth was on loan from the Episcopal Church of the Mediator in Meridian through the efforts of Christi Quinn. Thank you for the prayer opportunity.

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