December 1, 2015 Vol. 29, No. 4 [p. 1]

Dear Friends of The Dwelling Place-

During these last couple of months God has really reaffirmed why He has called this Dwelling Place into being. We have had many coming to seek His presence and many hurting come for healing. Our group retreats have been full and many have been enriched by the wisdom of others.

We have reached out to you in our S O S letter to assist us in retiring our debt and you have responded generously. We were able to meet our present operating expenses and to pay down $13,000 on our debt.

On January 2, The Dwelling Place will celebrate 29 years in existence. During these years, as we have built the ministry, we have built or renovated 8 buildings. Now these are beginning to need timely maintenance. This is one of the HURDLES that we meet in operating expenses. We are so appreciative to all of you for responding to our Annual Appeal.

It is with reluctance that we must raise our fees/donations for our retreats. Beginning January 1, $90 will be the donation per retreat day (24 hours, 3 meals and overnight). That would be $180 per weekend. The cost for a day event will be $45 per person. This is comparable to other retreat houses in neighboring states.

We invite you to come to Father John Bohn's retreat, The Ascent of Mount Carmel, in January. In addition to that, if you prefer, bring your own group to seek the Lord together.


Pet memorial
Memorial photos of Shadow and Prince.

Pet Memorial

Pet lovers will understand our grief with the deaths of both our pet/staff members in October. Shadow, our mostly-lab watch dog of 12 years, had a stroke on October 8 and just one week later, October 15, Prince, our regal boxer, had seizures and went to join her just two weeks before his 14th birthday. Life is very different without them.

Knights of Columbus
Knights of Columbus volunteers repair our statue of Mary.

KCs "Straighten Up" Mary

You may remember the century-old pine tree that stood behind the statue of Mary. It was cut down a few years ago. Many of its roots extended under the Mary pedestal and in the years since, the roots began to deteriorate causing Mary to lean backwards. On November 10th, KCs Gary Gist, Jack Huerkamp, Danny Satero and Peter Avioli came to the rescue and braced the pedestal with bricks and cement. Now Mary has a firm foundation!!

Magnolia Business Systems Copier Installed

William Sullivan
William Sullivan of MBS inspects our new Minolta Bizhub copier/printer.

September 1st was a milestone day here in our office. We installed a Konica Minolta Bizhub color copier/printer to replace our individual printers, fax machine, scanner and color printer.

The theory is that this will be more economical than the color cartridges and toners used in our individual printers. Now our task is to learn to use all the features on it and to see if the rent we pay and the cost of each color and black and white copy will prove to be more cost effective.

Now if it would just make coffee, we would really love it!

Mary Horrell and Sheila Avery
Mary Horrell and Sheila Avery gave out samples from the cookbook at the Farmer's Market in Columbus.

Want to Cook that Special Something for Christmas??
We have just the idea!!

How about a Dwelling Place cookbook?

A perfect gift with delicious returns!

Dwelling Place Cookbook (3rd Edition)
Price per book $20.00
s/h per book $ 5.00
Number of Books x_______
GRAND TOTAL $_______


Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________________

State: ______________________  Zip: _______________________

Phone: (      ) _____________________________


Pete the possum
Pete the possum
(Our friends will 'get it')
Delores and Mary Horrell
Delores and Mary Horrell construct our new retaining wall.

The Great Retaining Wall

The great wall of China could not have been erected with more diligence than the new retaining wall at the end of our drive built by Mary Horrell and her sister, Delores.

With the 16 foot slope on our property from the north to the south ends, the water that rushes down by the lane eroding the hillside is significant.

With bricks left over from previous projects and reinforced by rebar, this wall will stand secure in its role. Now to fill in behind the wall, Mary---!