December 1, 2013 Vol. 27, No. 4 [p. 1]

A blessed Advent-Christmas season.

May 2014 be filled with

grace and blessing.

Mary, Sheila, Clare

Photos from Recent Retreats

Grants from the Daughters of the King and The Lendon Best Charitable Gift Fund provided scholarships for these retreats.

'Lectio Divina' moments

Dr. Francis Baird

'Transitions' retreatants

Becky Williams' group retreat

Dear Friends,

These last months have been very eventful here at The Dwelling Place. We have had some great retreats and some major catastrophes. So many of you responded very generously to our SOS plea and we were able to clean up the dining room floor and added a French drain to avoid the 'flood' from happening again. The dining room is more beautiful than ever.

As our newsletter goes to the mail, thanks to a grant from the Catholic Foundation in the Jackson Diocese, Southern Awning of Columbus is putting a covered walkway between the chapel and the dining room. We are so grateful that it is going in before the inclement weather of the next months arrives. Having shelter from the rain as people come to dinner will be greatly appreciated.

We want to say THANKS to the volunteers who have been helping us in the library. We have culled some books and rearranged them. Then the real work started with pulling cards and bringing everything up to date. Joan Bartik, Vera Myers and Brenda Martin have helped Sheila with the tedious work. Much has been accomplished but more still needs to be done. Any more volunteers??

Thanks, also, to Karen Henry who created our Annual Appeal and Shannon Dee and Susan Baird who helped with the mailing. Thanks to Clara Hicks, Libby Thompson and her mother, Frances, who help us stuff and send the newsletter.

Thanks to all those who have brought us food or paper products! We are so appreciative for such items.


Making Friends with PayPal

Donate online with PayPal

At the insistence of our advisory board member, Francis Baird, we met with James McWharter, an IT from MSU, and Debra Hicks to search out possibilities of setting up an online store. James directed us in setting up PayPal to receive donations, planned giving donations and retreat fees. Our first opportunity for use was the Annual Appeal.

The sample "button" at the right allows visitors to send a donation or retreat fee online. While we're using PayPal as our online 'banker' you need not be a PayPal member to use it. Any credit card and/or checking account is accepted.

We hope that this ease of operation will facilitate and encourage your charitable giving and your registrations for retreats.

Corky Jones

A Time to Cut and A Time to Trim

Corky Jones is a master with the chain saw as he follows Mary's direction in trimming the lower branches off the trees on the property. The trees have all been planted during the past 27 years are now beautiful and give shade. Now those lower branches can come off as the trees grow taller and mature. (It also helped the leaf 'population' this fall.)