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Oktober Fest... Dwelling Place Style

Oktoberfest Sweet Shoppe

Larry Hollisey peruses the preread books

The sun shone on St. Joe, Starkville that Saturday. The children's games were nestled under trees and Ann Marie Johnson, Debra Hicks and young people were kept busy with the children eagerly winning their prizes.

Outside the hall, the KCs cooked the brats. Inside Karen McFadyen and crew served them up with all the fixings.

John Maloney called bingo

Next stop was the Sweet Shoppe with Cindy Huerkamp and Rebecca Hunter displaying snacks and more. They're pictured (right) making a sale to Lynn Wyman and son, Zach.

In the background are the tables containing the silent auction. Potential buyers bid on MSU cowbells, original paintings, musical instruments, dinners and even a Mossy Oak jacket among other treasures. Linda Breazeale and Dwelling Place staff arranged the 20-some donated items for sale. That event is truly one that must return.

Then how about a good game of Bingo. John Maloney called over 30 games and gave out lots of prizes. Donations from local merchants provided some of them.

Larry Hollisey (pictured right) studies the vast assortment of 'pre-read' books that Francis and Susan Baird had attractively arranged. Wonderful bargains- though with the Kindle and Nook becoming more popular, how long will this last?

Thanks to all who participated in our Oktober Fest in any way whether you helped prepare, or came to enjoy. Thanks, also, to St. Joseph Parish, for hosting it for us. We plan an encore next year but plan to change the venue a bit and call it a Fall Festival instead. Keep posted for the date.

Celebrate Mardi Gras!

What: Dwelling Place Drawdown
Where: Lee Home, Columbus
When: Feb. 3, 2012
Time: 7-10 pm
Ticket Price: $100 (admits 2 people)
Grand Prize: $2500
Additional surprises and cash prizes

Good food, good music, good friends! (You need not be present to win the grand prize!)


Yes, beginning in 2012, we are increasing the amount we ask retreatants for retreat days.

Beginning February 1, the donation we are asking is $80 per retreatant day or $160 per weekend. Day events will increase from $35 to $40 per person. This if far less than most retreat houses ask.

Our actual costs are approximately $140 per day per person. This slight increase only closes the gap a bit. The cost of utilities, insurance, upkeep of the property, along with unforeseen storm damage is continuing to rise.

We use fundraisers to close the gap and we appreciate the support you give us for these. Though we offer a spiritual ministry, the fact of the matter is we must maintain the site. We have no sponsor who provides a safety net. The donations we receive are our only support. We are grateful and pray for our donors in our daily prayer.

Seasons greetings

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