December 1, 2009 Vol. 23, No. 4 [p. 1]

Sidewalks for Assisi

Gone are the stairs from the dining room to the old trailer

Dear Dwelling Place friends,

These months continue to be a time of transitions here at The Dwelling Place. Since moving into Assisi Center last spring, we have worked between rain storms. We had a Relocation Sale in October in which we sold many things we did not need in the new administration building. It went well.

William Buchanan works the power

Next we attempted to lay sidewalks in front of Assisi. After more than a month's delay these were finished, our parking lot repaired and enlarged. We are SO grateful for the sidewalks. We 'walked the plank' for months! The next step-- install some underground drainage to handle all the runoff coming from the north part of the campus!

Remember the old trailer that we vacated? Well, for months we ran ads in the local papers and walked with many people as they came to inspect the building. Many wanted it but no one could move it so, as this goes to the printer, we are waiting for Columbus Scrap Metal to have a look.

But we had to prepare for the absence of the trailer so-- our first task was to disconnect all the utilities. William Buchanan (see photo) is shown disconnecting the electric power. The trick was that we still needed electricity in the dining room!

Gradually the telephone, propane, water, and septic systems were all disconnected while maintaining services to the dining room. Porches, shrubbery, flowers, and sidewalks came next. THEN came the stairs from the dining room leading into the trailer.

A builder had been contacted to erect the outside wall and create the roof where it had been disconnected from the trailer. This whole event is historic.

(left) Sheila & Elizabeth Morissey

The Library Turns Over a New Leaf

Every few years it is necessary to bring the library 'up to date', clearing out the older books and making room for newer additions. Pictured left are Sheila Avery and Elizabeth Morrissey, volunteer from Mt. Angel, Oregon, as they clear book titles from the card catalog.

Sr. Clara Streng, Joan Bartik, and Mary Ethridge and others have also spent long hours helping the staff with the task. We are proud of the good resources we have available in our library. We welcome any help in this monumental undertaking!

Sr. Margie and her brother, Mike

Erecting New Doors of Beauty

Sr. Margie is holding the new screen door as her brother, Mike Feldner from Palatine, Illinois, put the screws in the final hinge. Decorative screen doors were put on Clare and Maria Houses during their visit this fall.

But Sr. Margie has erected other doors of beauty, also. She has planted bulbs, flowers, weeded the herb bed and is now preparing a winter garden. With the continuous flowering camilias and the colorful fall foliage, God's beauty is abundant.

Clare, Margie, Mary, Sheila

Prayers for a blessed Advent and Christmas Season for you and yours from The Dwelling Place Staff.

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