December 1, 2008 Vol. 22, No. 4 [p. 1]

Site preparation begins

The trees come down

Dear Friends,

Yes, that's our forest, the before and after of clearing a site for a new building and the thinning of the forest. A new administration building should be up and running by Christmas.

The donations received through our Capital Campaign never matched the amount needed for our administration/dining needs, so for the past 18 months we have been seeking alternatives to a site-built structure.

To erect a manufactured structure was not our original plan. But after much prayerful consideration, we made that decision.

After months of searching with several companies, we have found, through Wheel Estate of Columbus, New River Homes that custom builds manufactured structures. With the down-turn in the market our building fund, like everyone's investments, took a major hit.

200 trees are cleared

The stumps must go, too

Our ever increasing need to replace the old trailer would not allow us to wait til the market rebuilds itself. However, with the funds still available we could erect one section. Since our most urgent need is to replace the triple-wide trailer, we made the decision to erect the administration building.

When clearing the building site southeast of Umbria Guest House, the logger suggested we thin the forest at the same time. So instead of clearing (and selling) 20 trees needed for the building, we will be selling over 200! The trees in the forest are 21 years old--ripe for the harvest.

Our present dining room/kitchen will continue to be our retreatant dining facility until at such time we are able to replace it. When the old trailer is moved, a new wall will be added to create it as a free standing building.

We are so grateful to all of you who have believed in our ministry and responded to our building fund requests. We trust in God's continued sustaining love as we move through this, our latest development.

On the subject of God's provident love, it seems like this is a time of healing and new development for me personally. On July 1st, I [Clare] had surgery for a torn meniscus in my right knee, which is healing well; on November 5th I had surgery for a ruptured disc which had encapsulated the sciatic nerve to my right leg. That also is healing very well.

Truly God is in the total event through His healing love shown through the care of doctors, friends, staff, and especially Mary who is always there for me. As the pharmacist said, "With this tune-up you'll be ready for another 50,000 miles!"

As you prepare for the birth of Christ during this Advent season, may He come to life in the depth of your being.

Mary, Sheila, Clare

Extra yarn, anyone?

Mary is putting out a plea for yarn that anyone might have left over from projects, completed or abandoned. Help her Honduran mission project. Just bring them to the Dwelling Place next time you come.

Dwelling Place Angels 2009: NO-SHOW games?

Have you bought your season tickets to the Dwelling Place Angels 2009 NO-SHOW games?

The weekend games have no half-time show! Associate Karen Henry and daughter, Courtney Workmon, created the annual appeal cards for us. Thanks to both for the joy they brought everyone. Please consider our annual appeal prayerfully.

We rely on you, our faithful supporters, to help us continue our ministry by closing the operating gap.

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