December 1, 2007 Vol. 21, No. 4 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

A few years ago, Dolly (Pepper) Tucker sent us a Christmas card with this paraphrase of the Magnificat. This Christmas and in the coming year may you all know the wonder of what God is bringing to birth in your lives.

Clare, Sheila, Morag, and Mary


Our souls magnify the holiness
which dwells inside.
Our spirits rejoice in the presence of The Holy One,
Because we have been touched and called.

Yes, from this day forward all generations
will call us blessed.
For great things have been done through us
and by those who went before us.

Holy is our name
and we have shown mercy and strength
from age to age.

We have gathered our courage and stead- fastness
and walked to heal the broken hearted
with tenderness and care.

We have called forth truth
and created a new shape for living what
we believe to be just.

Yes, we have been hungry
and have filled each other with good things.

Yes, indeed by our giving and our faithfulness,
by our passion and our courage.
all generations from this day forth
will be Blessed.

Looking for the perfect gift?

We have pecans, jams, mugs, Dwelling Place caps and T-Shirts for sale.

Or what about a Dwelling Place gift certificate - available in any amount?

Another idea? What about giving a ticket to our Mardi Gras draw down?
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Call 662-738-5348 or contact us online.

Good Friends -

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus from Annunciation, Columbus and St. Joseph's, Starkville for all their efforts in helping to maintain the beauty of the grounds. This photo was taken August 25 after a tree-cutting day.

For your schedule - - -

Hermitages are often available on weekends when we have groups in Umbria. Give us a call to check on this when you want to get away to be still.

From the Kitchen - - -

When you register for a retreat, please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian -- even if you have told us in the past, notify us each retreat, please!

From our heart - - -

Your invitation to the NO SHOW BALL has been sent. I hope you enjoy the quiet evening as much as we. Associate Karen Henry and daughter, Courtney, created the idea and the verse. Thanks to both for the joy they brought everyone.

Please consider our annual appeal prayerfully. We rely on you, our faithful supporters, to help us continue our ministry by closing the operating gap.

  For Your Information  

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 presents a new and unique giving opportunity. The law allows individuals aged 70 or older to make donations to qualified organizations like The Dwelling Place using funds transferred directly from their I R A s . You will not have to pay taxes on the amount transferred up to $100,000 on or before December 31, 2007.

Here is how the new law works. Jenna, age 73, has accumulated $150,000 in her I R A . She wants to make a gift of $10,000 to The Dwelling Place this year. She can transfer $10,000 to us from her I R A on or before December 31, 2007.

She avoids paying income taxes on the $10,000. However, she will not be able to use the gift as a charitable deduction - it is a wash. The Pension Protection Act provides her the opportunity to make a gift without tax complications.

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