December 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 4 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

The world has changed since our last letter. Indescribable suffering - and outpourings of self sacrifice and generosity have filled our lives.

We are so grateful that the only damage here was to the trees and the loss of roof shingles on Maria, Clare Houses, Umbria, and the chapel.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone whose lives have been devastated by wind, water, or earthquake.

Clare, Mary, Morag, and Sheila

In the fragility of our Saviour's birth comes the Christmas promise of hope that speaks to the parts of us that are limited and uncertain. Emmanuel. God is with us still.

Blessings of peace from us all.

Many Thanks to--

"Round and About"

The Lord protected us from major damage - not only in the wrath of Katrina but in the early visit of the Terminex inspector who alerted us to a leak under the administration trailer.

Wish List

Other repairs were to the main water line into the property and even as this is being typed Wheeler Roofing is working on the roof repairs from the storm damage.

Due to a very tight cash flow, we have had to let our housekeeper go and cut back the hours for our yardman. Volunteers are helping us through this 'slim' time.

Vera and Clarissa Parker


Dust and mildew beware! We have been blessed by the willing hands and generous hearts of Vera and Clarissa Parker, evacuees from New Orleans who, while staying in Macon, helped us sort the library shelves, clean the outside furniture, and rake up pinestraw. Blessings on your new home in Texas, Clarissa and Vera.

Elizabeth and Joe Haftek continue to enrich the ministry here as they have done so many times over the last nearly 20 years. Elizabeth has been helping Mary clean and paint, and Joe watersealed the roof of the administration trailer.

Another generous heart belongs to Pam Sullivan who helped Mary with the seemingly endless raking that is needed at this time of year.

Special thanks to Dr. Francis Baird and Sr. Paulinus Oakes who both donated their expertise in leading retreats this fall.

And last but not least, our faithful friends at The Pines and Cadyhill who came out after Katrina and worked for two days helping us to create order and beauty out of chaos.

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