December 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 4 [p. 1]

Joy to the World

Dear Friends,

I read recently that Advent is for dreamers, for all who are not satisfied with the way Faith and Life co-mingle. It is a season that speaks to the restless spirit that resides in our hearts-- if only we be still and listen.

I think that was written with The Dwelling Place in mind. We are dreamers-- always mingling faith and life-- the task is to be still and listen. The voice still cries in the wilderness. The voice will cry out in our busyness, in our work, and in our premature celebrations.

The Jesse Tree

The ancient cry of Advent is "Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus." Come into our dreams and our everyday realities to give them meaning and direction. We pray for that daily.


We desire only the most and best for each person who comes here on retreat. We desire only what we need in personnel and facilities to offer the best we can to those who come. Let us pray together that we be still and listen to God's dream for The Dwelling Place and each of you, our friends, as we go into the new year.

Round and About

BIRD HOUSE: This fall saw much activity here with many wonderful friends helping. Here Mary, Sheila, and Debbie Lankford are assisting Pam Pybas erect the new martin house she has made. The martins will be snug and dry- if the pole can hold it up!!

Mary, Sheila, Debbie Lankford, and Pam Pybas

ROOF REPAIR: Pam and Phillip Pepper also helped us repair the roof of the old trailer where the dining room joins it. (Sorry there wasn't room for THAT picture.)

After months of trying to patch the places of potential leaks, a roofer advised us on a definite procedure; however, it was not completed until after a section of the dining room ceiling tile fell in!! Just think what would have happened if we had had rain!! Nonetheless, now we have the roof repaired and a beautiful new ceiling.

TELEPHONE SYSTEM: When it rains, it pours! (This summer, we wished that were true!). After the staff house had been erected two years ago and the telephone service connected, a bulldozer tore the line. Though it was spliced, it lasted only until this fall.

When the repairmen were replacing the line, they discovered other weaknesses in the system. So instead of just a line replacement, an upgrade of our A T & T Partner Plus System was needed. It was like going to the doctor with a cold and discovering that you needed surgery!!

CORPUS CHRISTI INVOLVEMENT: We are both involved in our little mission parish in Macon. This year, besides coordinating the children's religious education program, Mary is teaching the high school Confirmation class. This keeps her teaching skills sharpened!

Clare has added the coordination and part-time instructor of the R C I A (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes to her role as parish organist. She is currently getting ready for the Christmas choir. That is a highlight of the year.

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