September 1, 1999 Vol. 13, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

Praise God for the Sun- but Enuf Already!! Weeks without rain and the temperatures soaring to over the 100 mark leaves everything parched. We thank you in advance, loving God, for the rain and cool weather of autumn!

These summer months have gone quickly. We have been enriched by our retreatants and the many friends who grace us with their visits and their generous helping hands.

Our aim here of accompanying others in their life's journey was highlighted for us in very powerful ways this summer. On June 27 we celebrated with Elaine and Duane Maust at their ordination as pastors of Jubilee Mennonite Church in Meridian. On August 6 we witnessed the ordination of Sandra DePriest to the deaconate at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Columbus. During their times of retreat here, we have witnessed God's persistent call of both Elaine and Sandra to total commitment to Christ in their church.

However, the journey took a different turn for another retreatant this summer, Sr. Jean Marie Smith, S S N D of Dallas. After having spent a week's retreat here in July, she volunteered at St. Mary of the Pines in Chatawa. While there, within the week, this young Sister suffered a fatal heart attack. We celebrate with her, too, as she is now rejoicing with this Christ who was/is her lover.

All these events make us pause and ask ourselves if we are really following Christ and ready to meet him NOW. They challenge us to order our lives according to God's vision. Of this we can be certain, God always calls us to the fullness of life, and God will always be with us.



San Damiano Entrance Completed --

San Damiano Entrance

Here is our new front porch on San Damiano! The Knights of Columbus from Annunciation helped in the painting. Notice the sidewalks are laid, too. As this goes to press, grass has been sown and, by God's grace and with a little extra watering, is attempting to green the bare ground.

Morag, Mary, and Clare

--and the back deck is ready to enter!

All in a morning's work for Morag Burgess, Mary Horrell, and Clare Van Lent! They stand in front of the new deck outside San Damiano's back door. They stand on the sidewalk they have created. "No problem," Mary says, "it just takes a frame, some cement, a few trowels, and a little patience!" Sorry, they are not hiring out for sidewalk laying!

Round 'n About

Starting April 19 we have a new area code: 662. This replaces the original 601. So our new number is 662-738-5348. We still answer to 601 until May of 2000.

Starting August 16 we have a new e mail address: Crawfish Data is a local server so connecting with them will save us paying long distance rates each minute we log on.

Believe it or not, the road work is nearly finished around Brooksville. Besides a beautiful, uptown, 4 lane highway, the merging of Alternate 45 and Highway 45 is much smoother. Those coming from the south will remain on 45 and travel 2 miles north following the Columbus exit before you find our road. Those coming from the north on Alternate 45, turn left on Highway 388 to connect with Highway 45 and travel north just one mile to our corner.

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