September 1, 2017 Vol. 31, No. 3 [p. 1]

Come to Pray--On Your Time

Consider bringing your prayer group, deacons, parish council or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here. Bring your own director. Tailor the time to fit your needs.

We schedule retreats at specific times, but we welcome you to come privately for retreat or spiritual direction anytime it is convenient for you and space is available. Three hermitages (small cottages) are available. Just check our website or Facebook. Send in your request or call Sheila at 662-738-5348.

Hermitage Time

Come away for some Hermitage time for a day, weekend or a longer stay. Come for some time personally adapted to your needs.

You may meet with a director, peruse the library as your helps for prayer and/or enjoy the beauty of the surroundings of the Dwelling Place. Join the staff for prayer and meals if desired.

Director: Clare Van Lent, M A ,  C Sp, Founder and Director of the Dwelling Place. Clare is an experienced spiritual director and has been directing retreats for over 35 years.

Donation: $90 per day


(Mark your calendar)


Dwelling Place Drawdown
Lee Home, Columbus
February 9, 2018
Ticket Price $100 (Admits 2)
Grand Prize: $3,000

[ Use the PayPal link (on this page) to order your ticket(s) online
or contact our offices. ]

The Dwelling Place Associates and Friends

The Dwelling Place Associates
(l-r)(front) Kathleen Gruseck, Shirley Butler, Joan Bartik (back) Mary Horrell, Debbie Lankford, Diana Berthelot, Michele Moore, Clara Hicks and Clare Van Lent.

August 18-20: Dwelling Place Associates and their friends from throughout Mississippi and Louisiana gathered to share their common vision of the ministry and support of one another.

Learn more about The Dwelling Place Associates on our website.

Loving Response to our S O S

After the publication of our June newsletter we sent out a plea ( S O S ) to our friends to help us with extraordinary expenses caused by unforeseen events.

new trenches
New trenches

During the rains we had this spring, the culvert in front of Umbria Guest House backed up which resulted in Umbria being only an inch from flooding. The plumber, Bill Kidder, replaced the first 20 feet and as it seemed clear as far as he could see into the rest of the 140 feet. We thought it was repaired. Then another torrential rain caused the new pipes he laid to be thrust from the ground by the force of the water and Umbria again was nearly flooded.

new drain pipes
New drain pipes in place

Starting over, David Knight dug up the entire length and noticed that the heavy black clay, which is the kind of soil here, had made waves of the original culverts, prohibiting any water flow. He not only replaced the two culverts with a larger single one but blanketed it in different kind of soil, to keep it from moving. The photo shows the pipe in its new sleeve.

new cables
Out with the old cables, in with the new.

What started out as ordinary maintenance grew into a major production. The intercom system connecting the hermitages needed to be replaced. Easy enough? A trencher dug a path to each building; but with the first drop of the blade, the operator cut the lines to our entire telephone system. We had not marked it well enough to be avoided. That was June 15. With many setbacks and many days of rain it is now past August 15, and we are just now able to connect some of our buildings with each other and with A T & T .

On a less traumatic note, our computers needed to be upgraded as is needed every 9-10 years. We had been awarded $1000 through a Diocesan Mission Grant. The amount was not sufficient, but the need was imminent and we purchased two Mac O S X Yosemite software updates.

To keep our 18 month-old furry friends, Yoda and Luke, on the premises, we had an underground electric fence (wire) laid to give them freedom within a definite space. Both humans and pups are happier!


We are so grateful for the support we receive regularly from our Planned Givers. With your support, along with your most generous response to our S O S plea, we were able to meet all these expenses--all of which exceeded our estimated cost.

However, these donations did not pay down our debt or deal with our operating expenses, but God meets our needs in many ways. Volunteers are some of those ways. We are so grateful to Debbie Lankford who stayed with me and assisted while Mary was on vacation. Also, Alex, Luke and Claire Baughman from Columbus helped us with yard work two days. We also appreciate the women who help us with preparing communications and in so many other ways.

All these volunteers assist us in our main goal here--to provide a place for God to touch people's lives and develop Christians strong in their Faith.


A Surprise Vehicle

Clare in new golf cart
Make way for Clare!

An essential piece of equipment here at The Dwelling Place is a golf cart. It saves us many steps--from one end of campus to the other. Jim Sisson, while at Starkvillle at the time, donated our first one many years go. It served us well, but it finally was beyond repair.

Then this wonderful gift came to us August 14 from A.B. Puckett. It drives like a dream. We travel now in style.

Thanks, A. B.

2017 No-Show Hoedown
(Annual Fall Appeal)

Howdy y'all!!! How do you do?
Have we got somethin' fun for you!

It's a foot-stompin, hand-clappin'
No-Show Hoedown
--the biggest new thing that's going aroun'!

hoedown cartoon 1

Our Appeal has taken on
a Western flare
No need to show up-
don't go anywhere!

Just grab your partner and do-se-do
'Cause there really is no place to go...

hoedown cartoon 2

No need for fancy hats or wear
Or making a fuss about your hair!

No chaps or spurs or twirly skirts
No belts or boots or cowboy shirts.

hoedown cartoon 3

You pick the tune that suits you best
'Cause you will be the only guest!

You can dance in a square or a line-
Either one will be just fine!

And after all your dancin's through
There's one last thing we'll say to you...

Don't cut a rug, DO cut a check!

Y'all come now... Ya' hear?