September 1, 2016 Vol. 30, No. 3 [p. 1]


for your generous response to our letter!
Your love and gifts are helping us move forward.

Corky Jones
Corky Jones

The Next Step?

There is always just one more project awaiting as we care for this property and buildings. Pictured is Corky Jones as he completes putting in new steps, front and back, on our staff residence porches last week.

Thanks, Corky, and a THANK YOU to all our volunteers.

Yoda and Luke
Yoda and Luke
Yoda and Luke
Are we supposed to guard this?

Growing Up Can Be Embarrassing

Yoda and Luke are continuing to grow. They donned these collars after a special trip to the vet.

On July 27 they started seven Wednesday evening classes of Puppy School-- Obedience training. I don't think the obedience part has started to take hold yet!!

Come to Pray -- On Your Time

We schedule retreats at specific times but we welcome you to come privately for retreat or spiritual direction anytime it is convenient for you and space is available. Three hermitages (small cottages) are available. Just check our website and send in your request.

Consider bringing your prayer group, deacons, parish council or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here. Bring your own director. Tailor the time to fit your need for silence, prayer, sharing and input. Check our website or Facebook for options available. Contact Sheila Avery, secretary, 662.738.5348 to schedule your time.

KCs from Columbus Begin Upgrade on Two Paths.

Gary Gist saved the day.
KCs spread stones on sacred path.
KCs lay path to Maria House.
Lawrence and Mary add finishing touches.

July 9th- The hero of the day was Gary Gist who brought his front loader to bring white slag to the Way of the Cross while four KCs unloaded and spread the white stones on the sacred path.

On another stone path three other KCs, with the help of Gary's loader, dug out and laid gray brick to widen the path to Maria House. Lawrence Bush and Mary finished it the next day. The monkey grass is really a finishing touch.

Francis House and Pump House Get a New Look

Francis House porch
New posts for Francis House.
New pump house door
New pump house door.

On July 22, Garry Ronyak and son put new pillars on Francis House and on July 25 put a new door on the pump house. Little by little old buildings receive a new look.