September 1, 2014 Vol. 28, No. 3 [p. 1]

Pecan cluster.

How Rare is This?

This cluster of pecans was discovered last week near Clare House. Usually pecans cluster in two's or three's, so a cluster of nine is very rare!! Now we'll watch to see if all develop and produce nuts. How is this for showing forth God's bounty?

Adam and Mary build a new ramp.

Division of Labor??

Adam Smith came to the rescue of Prince who no longer can climb stairs. He and his loyal apprentice are building and erecting a ramp going up to our front porch.

Happy Birthday, Clare!

Surprise! Surprise!

On Friday evening, June 13, Mary and Sheila surprised Clare with a party with friends from the area for her 80th birthday. Their aim was 80 birthday cards for 80 years. Everyone was so generous; she received 120 cards!!

"OK, friend, now don't tell me I look it!! I have too much life to live."

August 15- Bishop Kopacz visits The Dwelling Place

Mary and Clare provide Bishop Kopacz with a tour.

'The Fruit of the Spirit' Cookbook

Mary and Clare showed Bishop Kopacz around the campus and explained their ministry in August. For a month they had eagerly anticipated the Bishop's visit to The Dwelling Place. The exterior of buildings were washed, the porches were re-painted, the lawns were mowed meticulously. All was in readiness.

They attended the re-dedication of the historic Annunciation Church in Columbus that evening. After the reception, they led Bishop Kopacz and Mary Woodward down this long gravel road to this place (second photo).

Saturday morning, Bishop Kopacz celebrated Mass with them in the chapel. After a light breakfast they had the opportunity to share their ministry and what it means to the diocese. At the very conclusion of their time here, as the Bishop and Mary were about to leave, she spotted a small skunk near the staff house. With one shot Mary Horrell put an end to his 'fragrance' forever.

Life in the country!!

Third Edition of Dwelling Place Cookbook
Just off the Press

Clare and Heather choose recipes for the new cookbook.

Early in June the process of updating our cookbook began. Heather Smith contacted the publisher, Morris Press, who sent all the necessary materials needed to publish it. From June 18-20 and 26-28 Heather typed over 400 recipes and we proofed them.

Recipes were included from Sr. Maggie's many favorite ones and many from Mary Ann Dee in memory of her and her culinary gifts. Recipes that we at The Dwelling Place have added over the past years and many from our Associates, past and present, and friends from Corpus Christi were included.

Recipes from more experienced cooks often do not contain necessary details that seem obvious to them, but are needed for the less experienced novice. It was for this reason that many 'proofings' were necessary. It is our intent that all the recipes included, besides being accurate, have been tried and tested.

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The Dwelling Place Angels

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