September 1, 2013 Vol. 27, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

As we begin our autumn season it seems that summer was a blur. With some retreats, much effort put into needed maintenance, Mary and I experiencing hospital stays and visits with family and friends, we were now ready to settle down into a much more calm routine.

Our dining/kitchen building.

Well, that has not happened. A major water leak from an outside faucet caused extensive damage to the linoleum in the diningroom/kitchen building. Besides cleaning up the foundation, a new linoleum had to be laid AND water proofing to the exterior of the foundation needs to be done. Sometime that calm routine Will come! Anyone feel led to help us with some of this cost?

Now we are eager to begin our fall schedule and to receive people seeking solitude and wholeness as they develop their relationship with Christ.

I read recently an article by Richard Rohr, OFM, in which this quote was contained:

"Authentic spiritual life is a matter of becoming who we already are, and all that we truly are! Can you imagine that? Is the seed already within you--of all that God wants you to be? Do you already know at some level who you authentically are? Are you willing to pay the price?"

I believe that is what we are about here, with God's presence and grace, to provide a place for people to realize the goodness within and come to be all they can be. This truly gives me Hope. God's vision is always one of Hope and Love.


Grants Received

As noted in our updated retreat schedule, The Dwelling Place has received a $3000 Self-Denial Grant from The Order of the Daughters of the King. These funds are to be used for partial scholarships for participants of two healing retreats: Transition and Transformation and Rebuilding: When Relationships End.

We also received a $300 grant from Donald Best from the Lendon Best Charitable Gift Fund for scholarships for other retreats.

We are most grateful for both these grants.

Students from University Baptist in Starkville volunteered here Memorial Day weekend

Daniel and Rob Montgomery and Kessler Brown clean the administration building porches.

As Good as it Gets

Debra Ann Breazeale gives another kind of love to Prince, our aging boxer. Now who's enjoying it more?

A sample of the Crepe Myrtle beauty this summer. It was spectacular.

Sr. Marcellita Gisch, OSF, former staff member. Framed on her wall and found in her room when she died.

A rare photo of Cally and Co. Three weeks later Co went to feline heaven.

Interested in getting away for one or more days of solitude and self-care? Here is the place!

The Dwelling Place is a place of hospitality and prayer open to people of all Christian traditions. Scheduled retreats are offered two weekends each month; the remainder of the days are available for private or individually guided retreats or group retreat days. Spiritual direction and individual prayer are also available.

Consider bringing your prayer group, deacons, parish council, or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here. Bring your own director. Tailor the time to fit your need for silence, prayer, sharing and input. Check our web site for options available.

The Goal of my Journey is
to Become a
Dwelling Place of God.

Francis, Model of Prayer

"As we study Francis and his attitude toward creation, we see that with Francis there was a transparency of God through others. The person never lost his or her individual value- even the birds of the air and the beauty of God's creation- God came through all of this. Francis lived in God's presence, and when Francis wanted to get away and allow the presence to sink in deeper, he wasn't trying to flee people in that sense; it was rather that his mind wasn't able to deal with all the things that were going on. He needed the chance for himself to come and really rest in the presence of God..." (Alan McCoy, OFM)

That is our call, too, when in the hermitage, not to flee people, but to take time to sink ever deeper into God's presence.


Have you considered a bequest to The Dwelling Place? Some of our donors have remembered our prayer center in their wills. If you are considering this you can do it very easily by including one of the following legal phrases in your will or trust.

"I give, devise or bequeath to The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Rd., Brooksville, Mississippi 39739 for its general purposes all (or state fraction or percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real or personal."


"I give and bequeath the sum of $_________to be used for the general purposes of The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Rd., Brooksville, Mississippi 39739."


We can now accept stocks. We have an account set up with Financial Concepts in Columbus, Mississippi. If interested, contact The Dwelling Place for more information.

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