September 1, 2012 Vol. 26, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends:

Students from University Baptist, Starkville

It is with great joy and anticipation that I send you the schedule for this summer and fall. We have very competent presenters who are offering retreats that can enhance your spiritual journey. We can only offer them; you need to be the ones that take advantage of them.

Students from University Baptist in Starkville came for a retreat/volunteer time Memorial Day weekend. They prayed and left some flowering plants for beauty and nourishment for the birds. Besides sprucing up the gazebo, they also did the same for the Stations of the Cross and Umbria. Come again anytime!!

Srs. Janet Kreber, left, and Ruth Fagan

New dining room tables

Our faithful friend, Sister Janet Kreber, returned in mid-July for a week of 'jamming' and brought another friend from Iowa, Sister Ruth Fagan. Pictured right are the two at the Hitching Post Farmer's Market in Columbus one Saturday morning. In addition to selling our wares, we all enjoyed new friends and good music!

Tim Kanagy adds bricks

Our old/new dining room with its extreme makeover continues to give us joy. We have purchased two round tables to replace the long cafeteria tables. With their additional leaves they will seat the same number more comfortably. We thank all of you who have made this renovation possible.

This month Tim Kanagy added twenty more bricks to our memorial garden. Here he is putting the finishing touches on the final border brick. We continue to invite you to offer a brick in honor of or in memory of a loved one. We place an order when we have received 20 requests. It is a joy each day as we pass and see the names of our many friends.

Know that we pray for all of you in our daily prayer. God has been so faithful to us in this time of uncertainty and change. We continue to trust in God's unconditional love and promise to be always with us.


Fall Festival   September 29th   11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

St. Joseph Parish, Starkville

Fabulous Raffles

Annunciation school's children's choir

Children's entertainment

face painting and more

Bring family and friends for a day of fun and food

Hardy Vittles

Hot dogs


Stupendous Silent Auction
Savory Sweet Shoppe
Thrilling Lightly-Used books*
Lucky Bingo

*Attention, Book Lovers

Do you have any used books in your home that you would like to share with others?

Just donate them for a book sale as part of the Fall Festival sponsored by the Dwelling Place on September 29th at St. Joseph Parish, Starkville. Children's books, novels, classics are all accepted; sorry, no magazines or encyclopedias.

Drop them off at the office of Dr. Francis Baird at 815 2nd Avenue North in Columbus or 203 East Main in Starkville. Thanks.

Come to Pray- on Your Time

We schedule retreats at specific times, but we welcome you to come privately for retreat or spiritual direction anytime it is convenient for you and space is available. Three hermitages (small cottages) are available. Just check our website and send in your request.

Consider bringing your prayer group, deacons, parish council, or a group of faith-filled friends to experience the peace and renewal that so many individuals experience here. Bring your own director. Tailor the time to fit your need for silence, prayer, sharing, and input. Check our website for options available. Contact Sheila Avery, secretary, 662-738-5348 to schedule your time.