September 1, 2010 Vol. 24, No. 3 [p. 1]

Assisi Center

Painter's Glory

Sr. Margie, Mary and our Starkville painters

This summer saw retreatants and volunteers come to The Dwelling Place. It is without question that God changed the lives of the retreatants. We know the volunteers changed the face of the landscape here.

Clare and Mary join the crew

On May 22 (after our June newsletter went to press) four of our Starkville K C friends helped us paint the spindles on the Assisi porch, ramp and deck. All six sides of the 40,000 of them are sparkling white! Well, that may be a slight exaggeration--but have you painted any lately? The task is endless but as you can see in the photo at the left, it was well worth it.

Just to prove we really were working, Clare and Mary (photo at the right) have the paint brushes and the suntan to prove it! St. Francis is our witness. This was just the first of many days spent washing the exterior or painting porches of the various buildings. Shrubs were pruned to one-third of their stature, the garden and flowers were planted and cared for. Summer is beautifying time!!

Tom Hannigan and the staff

K C s Raffle Grill for Dwelling Place Benefit

Tom Hannigan, K C from St. Joe, Starkville and Dwelling Place board member, headed a raffle of a grill to benefit The Dwelling Place. No, we did not receive the grill; we received a donation of $1600. We are so grateful.

Needed: Utility Building

Our current storage building

In past newsletters Clare has documented the changes around The Dwelling Place. A big one was the removal of the triple wide trailer in March.

About twenty years ago, the K C s from Columbus built a 10x12 storage shed. You may have noticed the building at the top of the hill next to the pump house. Right now everything is stored in this former workshop including a termite meal plan which has eaten us out of a storage shed: floor, walls, and door.

We are in great need of a new utility building--termite proof. We can build a metal storage building, 20x30, with a concrete floor and garage door for about $20,000. Everything would go into this building: tractor, mowers, weedeaters, tools, winter storage for porch furniture, and a workbench (for Mary to do construction and repair).

If you have the means, please helps us in this project.

Sister Margie's signature

Take a Vacation with God

Our pond and gazebo

Do you feel a nudge that can't be defined or ignored? Or do you feel the need for time and space to sort something through?

The Spirit has a way of not letting us alone when God wants to gift us or desires to help us resolve an issue in our lives. Treat yourself to an overnight, a weekend, or longer to let God in. It can be a life-changing experience.

The Dwelling Place has everything you need--a beautiful, quiet setting, a lovely chapel and library and good food! No stress! Just rest in the Lord.

Call anytime and arrange a mini-vacation with God.

Boston Butt Sale in Lieu of Oktober Fest

As this goes to the printer we are in the midst of our unusual fund raiser, a Boston butt sale. The butts will be delivered for Labor Day. P J s in Columbus is preparing them for us. They may be on sale prior to Mississippi State University games this fall for the tailgating crowd, also. We have a great team of people assisting us.

Because of a conflict with dates at St. Joe, Starkville (no, it wasn't an M S U football game!) we will be unable to have the Oktober Fest. Since we rely on donations for our existence, we contacted some from each parish to help us. We are so grateful for their help.

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