September 1, 2009 Vol. 23, No. 3 [p. 1]

Sr. Margaret Feldner, O S F

Sr. Margaret Feldner, O S F
to join Dwelling Place staff

Sr. Margaret Feldner is a member of the Dubuque Franciscan Community. She is a native of Chicago.

Throughout her career her interests covered many fields. She taught at all levels from first grade through graduate school. Part of her educational experience included working in Archdiocesan offices supervising schools.

Margaret has worked in administrative positions as assistant superintendent of schools, chair of two education departments at the college level, vice president for academic affairs, and president of a university. Most recently she served as Program Director at Excel in Okolona.

Margaret says she is looking forward to ministering at the Dwelling Place. To be a part of bringing about the dream that Clare has had for a place of peace, spirituality, and welcome in the Franciscan tradition is now a part of her dream for the future.

Update on Assisi Center

Members of the Dipsy Doodle Gang

Much as happened since our last newsletter. In June, the Dipsy Doodle Gang from Cookville, Tennessee built our deck. They are Jack Zimmerman, formerly of Columbus, Ken Reinard, James Decker, Fran Fritz with help from Bill Campbell and Tom Ebner of Columbus.

Assisi Center gets "decked out"

Within the month, Decks Unlimited completed the front porch, steps, and ramp. At the end of July Southern Awning installed the gutters. Since then we have had more dirt hauled in, made plans for an extension to the parking lot, lay a sidewalk, and complete the landscaping. Things are looking more 'normal' all the time.

(l to r) Billy Moore, Mike Dustan, Clare, and Sheila

Billy Moore --- Winner of Grill

Billy Moore looks on as Mike Dustan, K C Grand Knight from St. Joe Council in Starkville, presents a check for $2751.75 to Clare Van Lent and Mary Horrell on July 5. Billy was the winner of the raffle the K C s held as a benefit for The Dwelling Place. We were all winners that day!!

Thanks to all for your generous response to our letter for assistance for "operating expenses" last month. Your generosity has moved us ahead. Know you are in our prayer.

Sr. Janet Kreber (left) and Sr. Clara Streng

Farmer's Market Vendor

Pictured left are Sr. Janet Kreber and Sr. Clara Streng as they joined Mary Horrell (behind the camera) in selling Dwelling Place wares on August 1 at Columbus Farmer's Market. Dwelling Place jams, pecans, pickles, and kitchen items were on sale.

Sr. Janet had made the jam, her usual gift as she comes down from Iowa each summer, and Sr. Clara helped for many hours in the library. Thanks to both of them.


The old trailer that has served for 50 years as housing unit and administration building is now on our list to be sold.

Ads in the Noxubee papers have brought many potential buyers, but moving it is the problem.


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