September 1, 2008 Vol. 22, No. 3 [p. 1]

Danny Setaro, Clare, and Mary

Dear Friends,

Summer is nearly past and I am again amazed at the generosity of many toward our ministry. God is truly present among His people.

On July 6, Danny Setaro, representing the Fr. John P. Egan Council 6765 of the Knights of Columbus in Starkville, presented Clare and Mary a check for $1765 for the Dwelling Place. They raffled a deluxe gas grill as a fundraiser for our ministry here. We are so grateful for their concern for us.

We also rely on those of you who are Planned Givers who assist us each month with your financial support. Since we rely on your generosity and the donations of our retreatants and friends, we are always called to walk in faith and obedience to God's call. We invite anyone reading this to consider being a Planned Giver and join us in this ministry.


Crochet Class in Honduras

From July 16 to July 24 Mary was on a mission trip to Honduras with Salt and Light Ministries. Joining a group of 75 from throughout Mississippi, she was part of a team who taught women in three villages how to crochet and knit. I think Mary was gift to the group also for her fluency in Spanish! She is behind the camera so is not in this picture.

Extra yarn, anyone? Mary is putting out a plea for yarn that anyone might have left over from projects, completed or abandoned. Help this mission project. Just bring them to the Dwelling Place next time you come.

I had surgery on my right knee on July 17 to repair a torn meniscus. To help me out and take care of the grounds while Mary was away, Dwanna Marchese, a Dwelling Place Community candidate from New Orleans, offered her assistance. What a gift! Prince, Shadow, Cally, and Co, the shrubs --and me, too, were all grateful.

Old Friends Return to Volunteer

Clare, Mary, Sr. Janet Kreber, O S F , and Sr. Alice Shaefer, O S F .

When Dwanna left, Sr. Janet Kreber, O S F , long time friend and summer volunteer, and Sr. Alice Schaefer, O S F , former staff member at the Dwelling Place, offered their services from July 21 to August 2. Pictured above with Mary and me are Janet and Alice finishing a peach freezing task. Apples, peaches, and figs were especially bountiful while they were here; pears and tomatoes followed soon after. The pecans look great, too.

In the midst of all this summer activity, I want to remind you the hermitages are available any day. They are often available on weekends though there may be a retreat in Umbria. Give us a call to check on this when you want to get away to be still. See you at the Festival. Bring a friend.

Capital Campaign- Phase II
Buy a Brick!

So how are we coming on our Phase II?

Our goal from the bricks is $120,000.

The amount donated thus far: $8,106, approximately 7% of the total. A LONG way to go!

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