September 1, 2001 Vol. 15, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

As we say good-bye to summer, it is a paradigm for the many farewells we are experiencing. As evident in this newsletter, we are saying good-bye to significant staff and friends. Even as we celebrate their giftedness we grieve their departure.

Clare, Jan Petrzelka, and Mary

One of our gifts from July 8-August 18 was Jan Petrzelka from the Czech Republic. As our live-in volunteer, he assisted Mary in many ways. He came to experience Christian life in the U S A through our Community and his many contacts through Corpus Christi parish. We have all been enriched by Jan's presence and generosity.

In the photo at the right, Jan helps Mary and me pick pears, just one of many of the fruit trees that were so bountiful this summer.


Buffy, our Siberian Husky, whom most of you knew as a joyful greeter and companion, is now in husky heaven. She ended her life on June 18th by doing what she loved most: running. She was 14+ years old. What is that in "Buffy years?"

Plums, peaches, figs, apples, and pears poured forth their fruits as never before in their young life. We have frozen and 'jammed' some and given much away. Now we are awaiting a bumper crop of hazel nuts and pecans. Praise God.


Resurrection follows death. We continue to celebrate the new and richer life we experience daily through our many new (and old) friends, new directions, and ever new God-dreams for this ministry.

Morag Burgess

We miss you, Morag

"Moving so far away has been the most difficult thing I have ever done," says Morag about her move to Texas. Morag has moved to Blanco, Texas and is director of spiritual formation in two small parishes in the Texas hill country.

Because of her move, Morag Burgess, our adjunct retreat director, will no longer be directing retreats here at The Dwelling Place. Many of you have been the recipients of her empathetic listening, prayerful discernment, and insightful direction.

Morag also was in charge of our library. Using her experience as a librarian, she directed many improvements in cataloging and loaning. Thanks, Morag. You were a valuable staff member.

She consoles us by saying, "Though I have taken up residence here, my heart is still with The Community. I will always be with you in spirit and in person as often as distance will allow."

Her address is 311 Misty River Run, Blanco, Texas 78606.

Round and About

We say a special THANK YOU to all those who helped with the extra house cleaning during these summer months, especially Molly Randall, Penny Hampton, and Nancy Bartowick.

Thanks, also, to the expert chefs: John Maloney, Jean Haspeslagh, Elaine Fish, Martha Williams, Mary Ann Dee, Clara Hicks, Elaine Trenor, Kathleen Naughton, Sherrie Groman, and Katie Huerkamp. Mary and I are becoming more proficient in the kitchen, too. The Dwelling Place Cookbook really is put to good use!

July 4th was a fire cracker day. In a violent electrical storm, lightning struck one of our tall pine trees and zippered its bark off. It also damaged one of the modules in our phone system. We praise God for insurance and warranties!

Another point of grieving- our copier that we have used for 14 years bit the dust. Like it or not, financially able or not, we must buy a new copier. We pray for a generous donor to help us finance this necessary item in our office.

Fee Increase in 2002

Due to our rising costs it is necessary for us to raise our fees. Beginning January 1, 2002 the fee for a day of retreat and an overnight will be $55. This would be $110 per weekend. This fee increase is in line with or below that of many other retreat houses in the nation. The actual cost to us is over $130 per day. The remainder is covered by donations.

We appreciate your understanding in this. We do not want this to be prohibitive for those in need. The grants we receive help us to offer scholarships for those unable to pay the full price.

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