September 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

As you can see by the rest of the newsletter, there has been a bit of activity around here since June. God carries us, and we try to respond to each moment and event.

Thanks to everyone who sends memorials in honor of or in memory of a dear one. We take those very seriously. Memorials also continue to come in for "Sr. Maggie's kitchen." For all we say "Thank you."

We have had many wonderful volunteers this summer to assist in the kitchen. Elaine Trenor and Martha Williams have taken on a retreat monthly. To all who have volunteered I want each of you to know how important you are to the ministry here. Thank you.

We have a problem whose solution we thought we could postpone. We fear our computers are breathing their last. We have been having trouble with the hard drive on our 'newest' one and the other is too old to handle internet activities which is growing in importance daily.

We had made the decision to replace both of them and put in an entire new system. We have written grants to cover the cost but have not been successful to this point so we will need to borrow funds to pay for it. The estimated cost of both computers (Apple, of course) including printers, scanner, programs, and installation is $6565. If anyone would like to donate toward this we would be most grateful.


Please continue to pray for us as we do for you.


Are you looking for ways to use your talents and skills directly serving those who need and want your help?

Are you interested in living in community with others with commitments similar to yours?

Do you feel called by Jesus to walk more closely in his footsteps?

Then, you are invited to consider serving as a Dwelling Place Volunteer.

The Program is designed for individuals who may choose to offer service and live-in for a short period or up to a year. They will share in the ministry, life, and prayer of The Community.

Dwelling Place Volunteers are needed with skills in retreat work, building and ground maintenance, food service, library and secretarial work. Volunteers live and work with staff and other volunteers.

If you are interested, contact Clare for further information and the application process.

(left to right) Sr. Janet Kreber, Barbara Yarborough, Mary, and Clare

Toast our Volunteers! Ole!

Volunteers Sr. Janet Kreber and Barbara Yarborough join Mary Horrell and Clare Van Lent for a treat at LaFiesta, our favorite Mexican restaurant, as they relax during their time of service here. Sr. Janet Kreber, O S F from Richland, Iowa has been a faithful volunteer for at least 5 summers. Sr. Janet is at home at any task and offers invaluable assistance wherever she is asked to help. Thanks, Janet.

Mrs. Barbara Yarborough has truly been a gift during these busy summer months. She has been a Live-In Volunteer since July 1 and has offered to do the cooking for 3 months.

Barbara is a Columbus native and is introducing us to True Southern cuisine! Thanks much, Barbara.

A new Honda Odyssey 2000

Clare with our new Honda Odyssey

Yes, our friend Mary Voss has done it again! She has replaced our '95 Honda Odyssey with a new model. She and Menotti's Service department keep us rolling along! Thank you, Mary, for your generosity and believing in our ministry.

A New Eye for Sheila!

Those of you who have called here have met Sheila Avery, our secretary, the smiling voice on the phone. If you have been here and met Sheila she may have told you that she lost her left eye 10 years ago when a meningioma tumor attached itself to the optic nerve. The eye was removed in 1993.

Now the Lions Club has offered to finance reconstructive surgery so a prosthesis could be placed in the eye socket. We pray for its success and look forward with you to a 'new eye' by October.

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