September 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 3 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

I hope that your summer has been as grace-filled as ours has been. In spite of the horror of war, terrorist attacks, ravages on the environment, or the undeniable injustice in the world, we rejoice in the Christian hope that good will ultimately triumph.

One of the great privileges of being part of the retreat ministry is the awareness of being part of God's plan to bring healing and hope. I have begun to realize why I appreciate autumn so much. We have a great deal to learn from autumn trees. Not one of us wants to be as vulnerable to winter as they are. And yet each of us, if we are open to growth and change, will experience this in our inner selves - the letting go in order that new growth may come.

New growth means change. Leaves tell us this. One of the most beautiful aspects of the incarnation is that Jesus allowed himself to be vulnerable to all those things that we know as daily dyings just like those autumn leaves falling from the trees. This fall go for a walk in the woods or just down the street. Let your heart wander through the leaves. Take time to browse through a gospel. Note all the times that Jesus opened himself to hurt and misunderstanding; allow yourself to be vulnerable to God's power working through you.

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Please know that we hold each of you, our friends, in our daily prayer. We are so grateful for your prayers, too. Can I ask you to pray particularly for our Dwelling Place Community retreat September 29-October 1, please? This is a time when we jointly seek the Lord's direction in our ministry here as well as enjoying each other's company!

Blessings of peace.

"Come and See"

On August 26-27 The Dwelling Place Community and Associates hosted a "Come and See" overnight for people interested in understanding better what this Dwelling Place Community and its Associates are all about.

We are eager to share the vision and the Franciscan spirit that permeates this place.

Check with Morag as to when our next "Come and See" will be. This may be the next step in your Christian walk.

Wish List

Retreat Leader Dies

Fr. Tom Gedeon, S J , founder of Retreats International, passed away July 22, 2005 in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Always a lover of the spiritual life, it was Fr. Gedeon's dream to have an organization which would combine both the men's and women's retreat movements and foster spirituality throughout the continent. In 1977 it became a reality, and he held the position of executive director of Retreats International until his retirement in 1998.

The Dwelling Place is an active member of Retreats International, a professional organization of over 500 retreat houses in the U S and Canada. We are grateful for his vision and leadership as we mourn his death.

Sisters "Cook... & Card the Books"

From June 28-July 10 Sisters Janet Kreber and Marian Einck, O S F , offered their services in so many ways at The Dwelling Place.

Sister Marion Einck

Sister Janet Kreber

Sr. Marian is shown at the card catalog 'mega-filing' the nearly 150 new and donated books and tapes! She checked donated books against our existing stock, wrote over-due notices, and kept Morag and Sheila busy keeping up with her!!

Sr. Janet gives of her time with us each summer. She comes offering her many talents and works efficiently at varied tasks seeing what needs to be done. She made jam, cooked meals, weeded flower beds, and whatever the present moment called for.

And then there were the 'mean' card and board games to sharpen our minds. The entire staff says, "Thanks, Sisters."

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