June 1, 2014 Vol. 28, No. 2 [p. 1]

Souvenir photos

2014 Luau fundraiser
Lee Home, Columbus
May 9, 2014

It was our best financial outcome ever

The music makers

Please don't draw my name! But those prizes do look good!

Kitchen service with a smile!

Mary calls the winners

Thanks to all who supported us

Food or beverage anyone?

Now who had more fun? These or those many not pictured.

Our address is now:

2851 Dwelling Place Rd

Brooksville MS 39739

In Memory of Monica Flower
Doug Van Lent
Sarah Carda
Marge Pollard
Clara Hicks
Jonathan and Morag Sell
Mary Hasselmann
Gert Van Lent
Marijo Bradley
Tom Van Lent
Julie Shockley
Jean Cihak

Monica Flower, my oldest sister, died Monday, May 12. She lived in Sioux City, IA and was 91. For the past two years she had lived in a nursing home. As an Army spouse and equipped with the skills learned in business school, she served in clerical positions in various parts of the US, and in retirement, in Sioux City.


In Memory of Mary Ann Dee

Mr. and Mrs. CS Stirling
Robert and Elizabeth Keenan
Dee Family
Morag Burgess Sell
Paul and Jean Cowan
Corpus Christi Church
Al and Lynn Wyman
Jack and Cindy Huerkamp
Mr. and Mrs. John Hagerman
John and Pat Maloney
Doris Bradley
J Roy and Debbie Dee
The Forte Institute
WR McKinzey

In Memory of Mrs. Cilia Brown by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mrs. Jane Wolfe by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Berke Shackleford by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Morley by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shackleford by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. George Walker by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Miss Catherine Crocker by Richard and Carlyle Wolfe
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Robert Cain, Jr. by Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe
In Memory of Sr. Maggie by Anne Blazejak
In Memory of Sr. Maggie by Jerry and Marty Barich
In Memory of Shirley Burdine by Serenity Sisters in Meridian, MS
In Memory of Jimmy Maloney by John and Pat Maloney
In Memory of General Gary Winterberger by John and Pat Maloner

Giving by Diane Howard Charitable Foundation In Honor of
Mrs. Kaye Aikens
Mr. Glen Barney
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fisketjon
Dr. Everett Hale
Mr. and Mrs. William Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Howard
Mr. George Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Ramsay
Mr. and Mrs. Britt Turner IV
Ms. Anne Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Wallace
Mrs. Lallie Wallace

Volunteer/Friend Returns


Dr. Bobby Kurian and his family.


Bobby Kurian (back row, center) as a student volunteer in 1999.

In March, 1999 Bobby Kurian was in a group of students from the University of Dallas who came for a spring break volunteer time here and in the area.

He says the experience had a major impact on his life and he wanted to bring his wife and four children back for a visit.

The photo at the left is from our June, 1999 newsletter archive and shows Bobby (back row, center) along with staff members, local resident Nikki Gregory (first row, center) and other students from the University of Dallas.

The photo at the right shows Bobby (Dr. Kurian) in 2014 with his wife, Dr. Neesha, a pediatrician, and their four children, Mia, Madeline, Blaise, and Kaleb. Dr. Kurian and his wife practice medicine and live in St. Louis.

Dwelling Place Community and Associates Weekend: February 21-23, 2014

Wonderful women. They share our vision and assist in countless ways. Front row: Linda Breazeale, Jenny Purtell, Mary Horrell, Heather Smith (Prince and Shadow). Back row: Clara Hicks, Clare Van Lent, Joan Bartik and Jan Roberts. Karen Henry is behind the camera.