June 1, 2011 Vol. 25, No. 2 [p. 1]

Dear Friends of The Dwelling Place,

(l to r), front row, Mary, Sr. Maribeth, and Sr. Margie with students from Mount Marty College.

Greetings from the part of Mississippi that was not touched by hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods. We are truly blessed. The recent tornadoes came toward us- and the skies parted like the waves of the Red Sea- and went to the north and the south, doing untold damage in their paths.

Our Mount Marty volunteers saw all sides of the Macon jail/library.

We were blessed also by the generosity of the students from Mount Marty College, Yankton, South Dakota, who volunteered here for a week. Well, they didn't work all the time. In the photo at the left, they are shown in the Macon jail/library, in their cell waiting to walk the 13 steps to the gallows!!

Well, they did get a reprieve and offered service in Macon, Columbus and at The Dwelling Place. We are always so appreciative for their service and joyful spirit. Our old friend, Jack Zimmerman, came from Tennessee to help, too.

Sr. Margaret Feldner, O S F

Sr. Margie Leaves Staff

A major change to our staff in March was the departure of Sr. Margie from our staff. We are grateful for all she added to our ministry while she was here- the last that of procuring a $20,000 grant from the Koch Foundation of Gainesville, Florida for reburbishing the dining room.

After the removal of the old trailer, extensive work had to be done in utilities and structure. The Koch Foundation has been generous to us several times in the past, also. We are grateful to Sr. Margie for her perseverance in all her grant writing.


A fresh look for Clare House.

Hermitages Receive a Face-lift

Hermitages Maria House and Clare House are receiving major 'make-overs' this spring.

Since 1993, due to the soil shifts, cracks have formed near the windows. Maurice Miller repaired the cracks and remudded the areas. Our task was to re-paint!

Clare House, pictured right, has been completed. Since this (printed) newsletter is not in color, you are not treated to the beautiful mauve colored walls. Everything looks like new!

Francis House cracks are the next to be dealt with. All three will have a new look! Now when the posts on the porches are painted they will really look snazzy!

Memorial Bricks

The Dwelling Place Capital Campaign Phase II

Good news for those of you who ordered memorial bricks as part of our Capital Campaign, Phase II: the order has been sent in and we should be receiving the bricks soon.

Our next step is to find a good brick layer. We have the site, a St. Francis statue, and some beautiful shrubs to decorate the area. Thank you to all who donated. $14, 500 was received.



We can now accept stocks through an account set up with Financial Concepts in Columbus, Mississippi. If interested, contact The Dwelling Place for more information.

Have you considered a bequest to The Dwelling Place? A few of our donors have remembered our retreat center in their wills. If you are considering this, you can do it very easily by including one of the following legal phrases in your will or trust:

I give, devise or bequeath to The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Road, Brooksville, Mississippi 39739 for its general purposes all (or state fraction or percentage) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real or personal.


I give and bequeath the sum of $_______dollars to be used for the general purposes of The Dwelling Place, 2824 Dwelling Place Road, Brooksville, Mississippi 39739.

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