June 1, 2010 Vol. 24, No. 2 [p. 1]

C S M separates the old trailer from the dining room in December

Dear friends,

This spring has truly been of time of deconstruction and reconstruction--"a time to tear down and a time to build". On Nov. 13 we contacted Columbus Scrap Metal (CSM) to move the old trailer. In December it was moved 4 feet away from the lean-to. Little progress and many false starts were made during the next months due to inclement weather.

...a time to tear down and
a time to build...
Ecclesiastes 3:3

Finally on March 6 the old trailer started to move down the lane. As it progressed down the lane, it ran into serious difficulty. The trees had been planted slightly closer together! Rather than fold up the trailer, within the next 4 days, four trees were cut down to make way for the 'precious' building. So we say it took 4 months, 4 days, and 4 trees* gave up their lives to move it out!

The lean-to is finally a stand alone dining room

Trees block the trailer- nothing is simple

The photo at the left shows what the stand alone lean-to looks like now. All the utilities have been re-routed directly to the dining room and the exterior has been kilzed waiting for a coat of paint. Our latest addition has been the sidewalks around the north side of the building and leading to the chapel.

Notice the small pad in the foreground; that had been the base for the stairs leading to the entrance to the trailer. Rather than move it, our grill will stand on its sturdy surface. No grass has been planted but landscaping is next. A neat, homey, and inviting building.


As the four trees lay on the ground on either side of the drive, we contacted a logger to buy them. To meet his requirements of a load, we marked several more trees for harvesting. On April 17, so he would have two loads, one of logs and one for chip wood, he cut down 16 more!

Our wonderful neighbor allowed us to pile the tops and branches in his field. Now we have a huge mess waiting to burn. Saturday rains have kept the Air Force Base firefighters from burning. Stay tuned!! We make haste slowly!


Fr. Tonos & RCIA participants

Fr. Joe Tonos Leads RCIA Retreat

March 6, St. Joseph Parish, Starkville held their annual RCIA retreat for those choosing to enter the Catholic Church in preparation for the Easter sacraments.

On March 27 we hosted Columbus Air Force Base for a similar retreat. On Palm Sunday, March 28 we hosted Annunciation Parish's RCIA candidates and catechumens. We are inspired by all the groups.

Way of the Cross retreatants

Corpus Christi Prays the Stations

On Wednesday of Holy Week, members of Corpus Christi Parish, Macon made the Way of the Cross as the sun went down in all its glory. Walking with Jesus as He carries His cross draws believers of all traditions throughout the year.

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