June 1, 2009 Vol. 23, No. 2 [p. 1]

The rains have filled our pond

Dear Friends,

Yes, that is our pond--as viewed from the bridge! After a nearly three year drought, we have had a gazillion inches of rain and the pond is overflowing! It is symbolic of God's faithfulness to us --overflowing!

In March, the water, sewer, and electricity were hooked up and work was begun to upgrade our telephone system. Then in mid-March students from Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota came to volunteer during their spring break and helped us move in.

Mount Marty volunteers

At the left is the 'family picture' that was taken before they left--nine eager volunteers and four staff (that's counting the dogs). Besides helping here they tutored in Noxubee schools and recreated with the children at Palmer Home. Earlier in May I paid a return visit to Mount Marty and they welcomed me with an indoor picnic the day after graduation. We are so grateful for their generous service.

In April, the telephones and computers were networked and my computer was upgraded to an O S X . Now, two months later, most of the kinks are worked out of both.

All the branches and tree tops have been burned; the yards have been cleaned up and mowed. The parking lots and lawns still bear the marks of trenching for electric, telephone, and sewer lines; however, mother nature keeps making all things new.

Assisi Center Takes Shape

Here is the present state of Assisi administration building. We now have the base bricked in and have begun getting bids on a porch and deck. Visible is the board walk we have to get to the front door over the muddy landscaping.

Assisi administration building

Our new gift shop

Our new staff/board room

Though the exterior is still in process, the interior is busy with the workings of a retreat center. The center photo is the gathering space with the gift shop in the background. The offices are down a corridor to the left. The bottom picture shows off our staff/board room. Quite an improvement over the old building. Now, if we only had a new dining room/kitchen!!

We must still use the existing dining room and we have fast learned how far it is from the administration building. Oh, for a golf cart! However, a new dining room would do!

As you can imagine, with this project sandwiched between our retreats, we continue to catch ourselves coming and going. With the funds raised from our capital campaign--minus the downturn in the market last fall-- we have been able to meet our building needs thus far; however, we have now reached the limits of our resources for the remainder of the job. This will slow us down considerably!


Ideas, anyone?

Mary Joins Mission to Honduras

Mary Horrell will be part of the Salt and Light mission group that will volunteer in Honduras from July 15-22. As part of a much larger group, she will join others teaching women how to crochet and knit.

She is most grateful for all those who have donated yarn and is still taking any gift of additional yarn at this time. We will miss her but her ability to speak Spanish is an asset for her and the entire group.

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