June 1, 2008 Vol. 22, No. 2 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

After the terrible drought of last summer, nature has been amazing in its comeback. The pond is almost full and it is filled with life--much to our joy and surprise. Flowers and fruit trees are more bountiful than ever. The tulip tree (pictured right) and the clematis have never been so beautiful.

I think there must be a lesson in that for all of us. Even in the midst of experiencing our own personal drought, when we think all is dead within us, God can bring forth new life. All our April weekends were cancelled --a real drought for our ministry--but God has given us hope in our summer schedule--see inside. We have some wonderful retreat directors and presenters. Take time, come and experience God's touch.

We have had a colony of bees that have taken up residence in one of our old pines. During last summer's drought, the regal old tree died. Mary has contacted 4 County Electric to cut it down but we don't want to destroy the bees--they're endangered.

Bud Watt

Bud Watt, a bee keeper from Macon, (see photo) is shown as he hangs a box to entice the bees into this alternative hive so the tree can be cut down. We are eager to see how this will work and to also enjoy the honey. We will miss both the majestic tree and the bees.


Now what would St. Francis do?

From the Kitchen - - -

When you register for a retreat, please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian. If you have an extremely restrictive diet, you may wish to bring your own food. Notify us for each retreat, please, even if you have told us in the past! Thank you.

Together We Build

The need is becoming more imperative to replace the ever deteriorating administration/dining structure.

Our Dream: A site-built administrative/dining facility --$875,000

must give way to

Reality: a manufactured building--$250,000.

To help us meet our needed goal, we must come to you again with an added request. Help us on this journey by buying a memorial brick for $100.

We need your 100% participation to help us make our revised dream a reality. More information will be coming soon.

Mount Marty Students Pause to Pose

Mount Marty students and the staff.

The students from Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota pose on their last night here after spending a week of service here and in the Noxubee County schools and at Palmer Home. They don't look worse for the wear, do they??

The Dwelling Place Fall Festival
October 4, 2008

Follow the balloons...

for a day of
fun and food at
The Dwelling Place,
north of Brooksville,
south of Columbus off Hwy 45

Valuable raffles
Spaghetti Dinner
Live Music Booths:
Desserts and Baked Goods
Soft Drinks
Used Books
Arts and crafts
Games and booths for the young and young of heart

Mark your calendar- October 4, 2008:
Bring family and friends

Sacred Seasons

Coming this fall !!!

Bunny Cox

If we open our ears, lessons of the seasons echo within our lives, telling us of hope, grace, love, and Sabbath. If we open our eyes we see the earth is saturated with the Sacred. Come Open your heart to the Creator God who reveals Himself in all He has created.

Sacred Seasons is a 4-weekend pilgrimage through the seasons-

Presenter: Bunny Cox