June 1, 2007 Vol. 21, No. 2 [p. 1]

Mary Crone is a new Dwelling Place Sojourner.

Clare recovers from a knee injury.

Community Update

Our last newsletter had already gone to the printers when, on February 18th, Elaine Fish and Clara Hicks made permanent commitments as Companion members of The Community.

Mary Crone (see photo) made her promises as a Sojourner in The Dwelling Place Community at our Community gathering.

March 19 was not a 'lucky' day for Clare who broke her kneecap while pumping gas! Anyway, it has slowed her down, but she is healing well and is currently in therapy. The crutches and the wheelchair are gone. Praise God!

On April 22nd The Dwelling Place Community and the Associates gathered for a day of reflection, study, and prayer.

February 2, 2008

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a Draw Down and Silent Auction to assist the Ministry of the Dwelling Place.

Watch our website for updates!

Many Thanks to . . .

Sr. Maribeth Wentzlaff (left), Anna Colbert (seated), and students from Mount Marty College.

Death of a Friend

Father Ignatius

Many of you have heard our story of the gift of the property to The Dwelling Place Inc. from the Trappist monks. One of the founders of the monastery in the 1960's was Father Ignatius, who died peacefully in Venezuela on March 25th.

Kathleen Chadwick Moore from Michigan writes: "My brother met the monks through someone on the airbase, and they nurtured and counseled him through a difficult and lonely time."

Paul Ackerman from Mississippi writes: "My wife and I still recall with special fondness those liturgies of his; images of our children playing around him in the abundant pine straw; the cattle in the distance; the gentle wind (Spirit of God) blowing through the pines; the cool breeze of God's Spirit soothing us from the heat of life just like a medicinal remedy. Then the meal taken with the monks following the Liturgy reminded us so vividly of the coming Banquet of eternal life of which Fr. Ignatius now partakes eternally."

Memorials for Fr. Ignatius: Sr. Carmelita Stinn, Nick Dineen, Kathleen Moore.

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