June 1, 2006 Vol. 20, No. 2 [p. 1]

Out of 'Ordinary Time'

Retreatants Write ...

Instead of a letter from Morag, we want to share with you some of the letters we received from retreatants after they have gone back to their homes--back to their 'ordinary time'.

Kathy from Jackson wrote:

Your ministry is so valuable in today's hectic world. My time with you last year has helped nurture my spiritual life all year long. I am so thankful for you.

Becca, a young Jewish woman, volunteering on the Gulf Coast, told us:

I just wanted to thank you for my time here. Being entirely the opposite of a morning person I am sure this will be far less eloquent than I would like, but I hope understandable.

I generally have nightmares when catching up on sleep, something about all the tremors of my mind building up for far too long and then exiting in one fell swoop. I fell asleep last night feeling at home. And when I woke in the night it was not to a foreign bed but I was in a place in which I felt safe and peaceful. Thank you.

I was talking with Clare in the kitchen yesterday, and she said that this is God's place, and I agree. I have mumbled feelings about what God is to me but this feels like a place of safety and warmth and a kind of trembling power to me.

Lauren from Oxford wrote:

You sent me to a place where my soul could rest awhile. And you were right, these grounds are sacred and one can discern that right away. It is such a gentle place for broken hearts to begin to heal. I am so excited that there is a place like that close to home.

I can't wait to share its blessings with others.

Retreatant Jill Joseph


Henri Nouwen in The Way of the Heart says, "We have to fashion our own desert where we can withdraw everyday, shake off our compulsions, and dwell in the gentle healing presence of our Lord."

"Solitude is not simply a means to an end. Solitude is its own end. It is the place where Christ remodels us in His own image and frees us from the victimizing compulsions of the world. Solitude is the place of our salvation."

Rest for the Weary

Annunciation CYO members

The Catholic Youth Organization from Annunciation, Columbus, lived out their Lenten commitment to prayer, sacrifice, and service in a day of work and prayer at The Dwelling Place March 5. The effects of their raking were seen in Himalayan size mountains of pine straw that sprouted all over the south west side of the property.

Thank you to-

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