June 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 2 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

The image of supplying the seeds has been one that has been with me consistently during the last months.

As you know we rely on you, our supporters and partners, for us to be able to continue in ministry here. Unlike almost every other retreat centre in existence, we are not subsidized or underwritten by a diocese or religious order.

We are always humbled and moved by your support of what we do here. Many of you, our donors, have supported us consistently throughout the years; some of you have become our Partners. This support reflects your commitment to our mission and the extent to which you involve yourselves in our activities.

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And so the seeds you sow grow to a harvest of men and women walking in wholeness, freedom, and dignity. Thank you from the entire staff!

On April 30th, The Dwelling Place Community and Associates gathered for a day of reflection, study, and prayer. Of course, we laughed and ate as well! We were inspired as we watched a short film, "Celebrate What's Right With the World" which, as well as some breathtaking photography, contained some thought-provoking insights.

I'd like to share some of these points to ponder.....

...although De Witt Jones was speaking from the standpoint of a photgrapher, the insights are just as true for our journey of faith.

"Our vision controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality."
"When the vision is clear, passion and creativity are there as well."
"Be open to see a vision of possibility.. ..transform the ordinary into the extraordinary."

Round and About

Puppies for a week!

As if Prince and Shadow were not enough in the line of pets, we made room for more.

This cute little family was abandoned on our road. The puppies were healthy, had been well fed, and were very cuddly. Fortunately we were able to find good homes for them within a week before they wriggled their way totally into our hearts.

Since they were present during the "Rachel's Vineyard" retreat, the only female was named "Rachel," and the last male to be given away was aptly called "Vinny"!


Guard Dog on Duty

On Anna Laura Rodriguez's first day at The Dwelling Place, Prince was her self-appointed guardian.

He was watching over her like she was his very own! As well as the joy of new life, we are very glad to have.

Juana is back with us, helping to maintain the beauty of the buildings.

Many Thanks to ...


Ashes to Gold: The Journey of Spirituality
Oct 7 - 9

From the ashes of abuse, addiction, divorce, or another painful life experience, God calls us to the journey of spirituality.

For Christians in recovery and others who wish to grow in Christian discipleship, this weekend retreat will explore the essentials of the journey of spirituality including living by faith, not by sight; living one day at a time; surrender, letting go, and renunciation; and knowing God's will.

Facilitated by Martin M. Davis, recovery author, professional counselor, and national workshop presenter. See his web site at

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