June 1, 2002 Vol. 16, No. 2 [p. 1]

Board members (standing) John Maloney, Mary Horrell (seated) Elaine Fish, and me look over the first sketches of proposed buildings in our needed development.

Dear Friends,

As I re-read these snippets that I have written about happenings here, I am filled with gratitude to God who is always tugging us into the future even as we weekly host/direct retreatants and those who come for spiritual direction and prayer.

Pruning, mowing, planting, and fertilizing fill our days along with housecleaning, cataloging books, and cooking-- ordinary tasks-- but we know that God's vision for this ministry includes our fidelity to each of these.

God's plan for us as Church and as individuals always unfolds amidst the ordinary and our faithful listening to the ordinary around us. We step forth only having heard God's word spoken through the (not so) hum-drum of our lives.

As I have said in the past, we have begun each new development with Faith as our only treasure and each time we step forth others have believed in our attempt to do our bit in the Reign of God and have come to our aid. Stepping forth in Trust with limited human resources is always a sign of God's action among us.


May your summer be an ordinary time of renewal, refreshment, and listening!

Round and About

Prince and Socks

Friends for Life

Prince, now 7 months and 50+ pounds, truly loves his (now smaller) older brother. Prince may have the edge in size, but Socks is still 'top dog'.

Though Prince is a graduate of "Puppy School" he has failed the grade in caring for the path lights-- or anything else chewable.

Franciscan Sisters Award Grant for Ministry to Abused and Addicted

The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of LaCrosse, Wisconsin have awarded a $5000 grant to The Dwelling Place to subsidize our ministry to the abused and addicted. We are most grateful for their support.

We extend a special invitation to anyone who is/has been in counseling or active in A A or Alanon or is a victim of abuse to let God in to heal the wounds of addiction, violence, abandonment, and abuse.

Springtime Beauty

Our pond was especially beautiful this spring. The shastas that were growing near the dining room were transplanted around the pond and were ablaze with blossoms this April. Right now the pear cacti are in full bloom, and the day lilies are starting to put forth their delicate flowers. To complete the picture-- a path to the pond is needed so more people can immerse themselves in God's extravagant beauty.

A Legacy of Beauty

Though this bit of news does not specifically concern The Dwelling Place, we are so happy to be able to rejoice with our very good friends and benefactors, Eugenia Summer and Mary Evelyn Stringer, both retired art professors from the Mississippi University for Women. April 19 the Eugenia Summer Art Gallery and the Mary Evelyn Stringer Auditorium were dedicated in their honor. Thank you both for the legacy of beauty you have left us.

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