June 1, 2001 Vol. 15, No. 2 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

The cactus at the end of our lane speaks of the life cycle here this spring. Blossoms are forming amid the pain inducing needles. Our life this Lent-Easter season has brought us full circle remembering painfilled April, 2000. It was just one year and two weeks after we had said goodbye to Sr. Maggie that we were thrust into the same relationship with Phillip Pepper, our dear friend and Community member.

There's a hole in our hearts and a vacant spot in our Community as we grieve Phillip's absence. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with Dolly, his widow, and our friend, also.


Our Faith in the resurrection of Christ-- and Phillip-- tells us that he lives; our pain reminds us of our loss. The very soil out of which the cactus thrives also nourishes the flower. Lord, we believe.


Some of our precious library books have come up missing and we hope that you can help us find them. If you have them among your books by mistake or know their whereabouts, please contact Sheila Avery. Thank you.

University of Dallas students with Maria (left front row) and Jack Zimmerman (right front)

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

The first of our volunteers this spring were students from the University of Dallas, March 10-17. They are pictured here with Maria (left front row) and Jack Zimmerman (right front).

The students volunteered their services here and at the homes of our neighbors, Albirta Harper and Loraine Box. They spent their afternoons at the Mark Mitchel Children's home in Columbus. Jack directed much of the yard work while Maria, John and Toni Maloney, Mary Ann Dee, Kathryn Stewart, Clara and Gene Hicks, and Cindy Huerkamp provided meals. NO ONE went hungry.

(l to r) Martha Williams, Fabvienen Taylor, and Morag Burgess

Mississippi Catholic Reporter
Interviews Community

Fabvienen Taylor, photojournalist from the dioscesan newspaper, pauses to relax with Community members, Martha Williams and Morag Burgess, on April 28 while doing a feature article on The Dwelling Place Community. We are so grateful, Fabvienen, for the accurate and positive publicity. We might even have an extra copy if anyone would like to see it!


A Special thanks to the many men and women who have helped out here this spring. Spruce Up day and after saw willing hands (and tractors) clip, strip, sow, wash, paint, cook, and ---!

Several friends and Community have helped cook and clean. Without you this ministry would be impossible. God bless you. Any others want to help?

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