June 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 2 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

Since our last newsletter in March much has changed here with Sr. Maggie's death on March 31.

As I have reflected on the events that followed, God seemed so far away; we walked in raw faith in God's presence each day. But I was overwhelmed by the great outpouring of love to us by so many of you. We were and still are sustained by your phone calls, letters of concern, and your memorials in Maggie's honor. You were God's presence and love to us. We are so grateful.

We want to thank all you who brought food, cooked meals, brought flowers, washed dishes, and helped in so many ways during the visitation, wake service, and Liturgy here. A special thanks to Fr. Mike O'Brien for his strong support and for celebrating a beautiful Liturgy for us.

We also thank all of you who made it possible for Mary and I to drive to Dubuque- and to all the Dubuque Franciscan Sisters who welcomed us and gave Sr. Maggie such a "Royal Send Off" into eternity.

As we have dealt with Maggie's absence in the kitchen and in our lives, we have gone through many emotions as well as a sense of disorientation. Now, however, as the weeks go by, new patterns are emerging, and we are seeking to move in new directions.

"Unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat, but if it dies, it produces, much fruit." (Jn. 12:24)

In dealing with the food service we are following many different leads but are 'making haste slowly'. For our coming summer retreats Elaine Trenor from Houston, Anita Kofman from Aliceville, and some of The Dwelling Place Community members have offered to provide food service. We promise only our best!

We celebrate with Maggie her new and eternal life. She celebrates the fulfillment of the Paschal Mystery before us.

Sr. Maggie is now producing much fruit in eternity for The Dwelling Place- as she did during her 13 years here. We're counting on her love to continue to intercede for us- for our ministry, our retreatants- and our food service personnel!


I can't say we are going on without missing a beat, but God is alive and is always creating. So we move in familiar paths but with new patterns trusting that the Spirit is leading us. Please pray for us.

Grant Received for Ministry to the Abused

We have received a grant from the Sisters of St. Agnes, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to subsidize any abused who desire to deal with their pain. Often financial resources are not available for those dealing with abuse, either in a shelter or as they try to regain their life after living in an abusive situation.

We extend a special invitation to anyone who is/has been in counseling and is ready to let God in to heal the wounds of violence, abandonment, and abuse.

Dwelling Place Brochure

A new brochure has been designed and written for us by Lil McKinnon Hicks and her husband, Steve. We are so grateful for the professional assistance. The cost of the printing of the brochure is being underwritten by a grant from the Catholic Foundation of the Jackson Diocese. This will be our first brochure outside of our newsletters. If you would like some for your parish or organization, please let us know.

Mary and Clare

New Part-time Food Service Personnel

Yes, you might recognize these two! They look vaguely familiar. Now don't laugh, don't doubt our abilities. We'll provide a tasty meal if you come! Don't stay away on our account!

Or maybe you could offer to help! A day or more- or just send a casserole or a dessert.

Dwelling Place Volunteer Program

Are you looking for ways to use your talents and skills directly serving those who need and want your help?

Are you interested in living in community with others with commitments similar to yours?

Do you feel called by Jesus to walk more closely in his footsteps?

Then you are invited to consider serving as a Dwelling Place Volunteer.

The Program is designed for individuals who may choose to offer service and live-in for a short period of up to a year. They will share in the ministry, life, and prayer of The Community.

Dwelling Place Volunteers are needed with skills in retreat work, building and ground maintenance, food service, library, and secretarial work. Volunteers live and work with staff and other volunteers.

If you are interested, contact Clare for further information and the application process.

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