March 1, 2009 Vol. 23, No. 1 [p. 1]

Dear Friends,

We make haste slowly. Though we and the building were ready for it to arrive in early December, the new administration building was delivered on February 10! The rains in December and January made it impossible for work to be done amidst the black clay!

Finally at the end of January and the first part of February, between showers, stumps were removed, the pad was laid and cement pillars and footers were poured.

At this printing, we are still awaiting the plumbing, electrical, and telephone hookups. Maybe by mid-March we will have moving day! It will be quite a switch from our present facility to one 80' long.

...a time to tear down and
a time to build...
Ecclesiastes 3:3

Then we can begin the bricking, adding a front porch, and landscaping.

While the re-building was happening in the center, all around it was destruction. The tops and branches of the trees that were logged earlier needed to be burned and the area cleared. These mighty jaws conveyed the debris to be burned. A huge fire burned or smoldered for several weeks! Marshmallows or weiners, anyone?

While workers were re-creating a landscape, God was re-creating people's lives on retreat. We welcomed two groups from Annunciation parish in Columbus, the Phoenix group, and many individuals on directed retreats. We were continually reminded of the purpose of our ministry here.

Our new Administration building


We are so grateful for all of you who are making our development possible by your support of our capital campaign and our fundraisers. We are also grateful for all of you who come on retreat and place yourself on this holy ground and for those of you who organize groups to come. Without your support this ministry could not continue. Know that you are remembered in our daily prayer.

Remember the 2009 NO-SHOW games of the Dwelling Place Angels?

Well, the Angels flew across the finish line, the half-time show was not held and our season ticket sales were out of sight!

The Angels scored $12,943.41

Thank You.

Extra yarn, anyone?

Mary is putting out a plea for yarn that anyone might have left over from projects, completed or abandoned. Help her Honduran mission project. Just bring them to the Dwelling Place next time you come.

(back row) Sue Millender, Karen Henry, Diana Bridges, Mary Horrell, Jill Joseph, and Sr. Liz Donahue. (front row) Laurie Burney, Clare Van Lent, Clara Hicks, Mary Ann Dee, and Linda Breazeale. [Oh, and Prince is presiding over all.]

Dwelling Place Community, Associates, and friends

On the January 17-18 weekend, these women met for a time of retreat and planning.

Come check us out; male associates are welcome, too!

Our campaign continues

Our critical need ...of a dining facility continues to be a serious need.
Our dream ...of an administration building is becoming a reality.

As of March 1, you have purchased $11,900 worth of bricks. Purchase a brick in memory of or in honor of a loved one. The offering is $100. There will be three lines of 18 characters and spaces per line. Contact us online or call Sheila Avery, secretary, at The Dwelling Place.

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