March 1, 2008 Vol. 22, No. 1 [p. 1]

Morag Burgess

Morag Burgess Leaves Staff

Dear Friends,

Writing this in January I am very conscious of beginning a New Year together. Beginning is a graced time and looking back is a graced time as well. I am so thankful to have had the privilege to have been part of the Dwelling Place ministry for the past four and a half years.

Personal reasons have brought this time to an end. As I resign my position as Retreat Ministry Director and Director of Formation of the Dwelling Place Community, I invite you to join me in remembering the graces that have come through your own connection with the Dwelling Place. We are all aware, however, that one cannot remain in the past. The future is a new day of possibilities of celebrating God's creative power.

My e-mail remains the same as ever if you want to stay in touch -


Know that I will carry you all in my heart and in my prayer. You have blessed me in so many ways by your trust and your sharing. Deep peace of the Son of Peace be yours.

Clare's Corner

What can I say as The Dwelling Place ministry continues without Morag? I will miss her as a co-worker, friend, and confidant. I will miss her gentle, sensitive spirit and her gracious sharing of herself and her spiritual gifts.

On the staff she was spiritual director, retreat and program director, grant writer, and librarian. She added her Scotch flair to the cooking and menus. She was a faithful Community member, director of formation and conducted the "Come and See" to welcome potential members and associates. She added her wisdom to all our boards.


We will miss her -- maybe sometime in the future she may return.

Friends Say "We'll Miss You"

A reception was held in Morag's honor January 8. Many friends, associates, and retreatants came to wish her well.

Pictured with some of her Starkville friends are, left to right, Linda Breazeale, (Morag), Diana Bridges, and Pam Sullivan

"I've known Morag was special from the beginning. Generosity saturates every area of her life. It was especially obvious a couple of years ago when she led a weekend retreat on Celtic Spirituality for two (very enthusiastic) participants, one of them being me! Her words of encouragement have kept me moving forward through difficult times and, though I value her greatly as a spiritual director and mentor, I value her most as a friend," reflected Diana Bridges.

Jean Haspeslagh, Community member from Hattiesburg, writes, "I will miss Morag's presence both at The Dwelling Place and as a friend. She was a very powerful prayer companion when in Hattiesburg and a great support. Her insights into God's call were a gift to all."

Of Morag, Elaine Fish, Community member and friend from Hattiesburg wrote:

Jill Woodliff from Yazoo City (left) and Morag

Karen Henry from Columbus (left) and Morag enjoy hors d'oeuvres

"I've known Morag since 'before (The) Dwelling Place' and have seen her as devoted mother, teacher, and friend, and I'll miss her now that she has moved to Texas. I have seen her grow into a wise spiritual director and program leader, and that had been a joy to watch."

"I know that she will share her skills and talents with those she meets in her new situation, and I rejoice that she has the support of Jonathan. Now that her children are young adults, how great that she can have a new, fresh start. See you in the hill country, Morag."

"May God bless you and bring healing to your sore foot!!"

Community Update

On January 27, Mary Crone from Memphis officially became a Companion member of The Dwelling Place Community. We also welcomed Jill Joseph from Byram and Dwanna Marchese from New Orleans as Candidates discerning membership.

Linda Breazeale, Diana Bridges, Sue Millender, and Jill Woodliff renewed their Associate commitment, and Karen Henry became an Associate of The Dwelling Place Community for the first time. We celebrate the generosity of all these women who assist us in our ministry in so many ways.

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