March 1, 2006 Vol. 20, No. 1 [p. 1]

Dear Fellow Travelers-

I am writing this one Saturday afternoon in February. There is a fierce wind blowing through the single glazed window (in spite of Mary's efforts with polythene and tape!). Outside the sky is dappled shades of grey, dark, and light with short lived patches of blue, and there have been occasional flurries of sleet.

The weather seems to reflect our inner landscape. If our faith life can be described as a journey to God, we have to attend to our innermost state - the patches of blue, the hail or the rain, gales, and calm. It is prayer that puts us in touch with that inner landscape - the place where we can see what is creative in us and what is most destructive.

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In the liturgical tradition, we are entering the season of Lent, that time which helps us take our bearings on this journey of life so that we can continue on our way less frustrated and more at peace and living more fully in the joy of God which Christ promised to give his followers.

Preview on Summer Retreats

May 22-30, June 23-July 4, July 12-20

Come for a Directed Retreat for 3, 6, or 8 days within these time blocks

For those of you who like to do your own cooking, July 21-30 is also available for a directed retreat.

Donation: 3 day--$195, 6 day--$390, 8 day --$520

"Captains' Program"

No, The Dwelling Place is not going nautical! We are trying to address the fact that The Dwelling Place is one of the state's best kept secrets by involving you in bringing friends, family, or members of your church communities to experience the blessings that a weekend at The Dwelling Place can bring.

However, rather than telling people "you should go--you'll really enjoy it" they instead say, "Come with me".

The personal involvement of someone they know makes them much more likely to participate.

The Captains' program has been very successful at other retreat centers as the Captains encourage, invite, and coordinate as well as form the administrative and spiritual link between prospective retreatants and The Dwelling Place.

If you feel called to share the blessings you have received at The Dwelling Place in this way, please contact us for the date of the next Captains' orientation overnight.

Library Benefactor Dies

Sr. Lucille Bresson

On January 26, 2006 Sr. Lucille Bresson, O S F died at Mount St. Francis, Dubuque, Iowa. She was 94. Her Franciscan sisters, relatives, many students, and numerous library readers at The Dwelling Place celebrate with her as she begins her time in Glory.

Hard at work are (l to r) Sisters Verna, Lucille, Edna, and Jan Huerkamp.

The library is a very important part of our ministry here at The Dwelling Place. The monks left us this beautiful building and the contents of their library. As early as the summer of 1987, Sr. Helen Larsen began the re-organization of the library--a truly monumental task.

The following summer, Sisters Lucille Bresson, Edna Ginder, and Verna Gaul continued the work. Sr. Lucille, who had much experience in library work, spearheaded the month long operation of creating a revised version of the Dewey decimal system unique to the needs of our small library.

That guidance has given us direction and order in our continued development of the library. Her faithful typists, Sisters Edna and Verna, in typing the author, title, and subject cards, set the system in motion and set an example for all our efforts ever since.

Sr. Lucille has left us a legacy. She has left her mark on The Dwelling Place in a very tangible and invaluable way and has touched the lives of all the library visitors since 1988.

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