March 1, 2005 Vol. 19, No. 1 [p. 1]

Dear Friends-

The daffodils around the statue of Mary speak of the new life of spring- the signs of hope of early spring that match the sign of hope that is the season of Lent. More than anything else we have requests from people who desire to get away to be still and pray. The Dwelling Place is primarily a place of quiet and prayer.

As I was looking back over the calendar to write about the happenings here I am filled with gratitude to God who is always tugging us into a future as every week we host/direct retreatants and those who come for spiritual direction and prayer.

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God's plan for us as church and as individuals always unfolds, like the daffodils, among the ordinary and in our faithful listening to the ordinary around us. We, like all of you who come to The Dwelling Place, step forth having heard God's word spoken through the everyday events of our lives- hum drum as they may seem. So this Lent we all extend the invitation- Come away -- return renewed.

Wish List

Library News

Can you please check your shelves for a missing book?

Ministry Burnout by John Sandford.

From the Kitchen

When you register for a retreat, please let us know if you have any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian -- even if you have told us in the past, notify us each retreat, please! Thanks.

(*Marvin Peyton is a friend and Dwelling Place Associate)

Praise God

God takes care of us in many ways. This week we received the following letter and donation:

"Please accept the enclosed check as a donation in honor of a man named Peyton* who stopped in much traffic to assist me with a flat tire last week on Lakeland Drive in Flowood, Mississippi.

After refusing my offer of a cash gift several times, he then remarked that if I so desire, a donation to The Dwelling Place would be greatly needed and appreciated. He had visited your center recently.

Claudia Hankins, Pearl, Mississippi

God's grace and peace be yours,"

Dwelling Place Community

As part of the last two community retreats we have been studying the book, Guests of God by Monika Hellwig.

The main idea of the book is that we are the recipients of God's hospitality. It is a thought provoking idea as we wrestle with how we live and minister! It is not a difficult read and we all recommend the book! We are looking forward to exploring it more in depth on our Associate/Community day April 30.

3-day: May 20-23, May 27-30, June 12-15, July 22-25

6-day: May 16-23, May 27-June 2, June 12-18, June 26-July 1, July 17-23

8-day: May 27-June 4, July 17-25

Donation: 3 day- $195, 6 day- $390, 8 day- $520

Preview on Summer Retreats

We welcome Joy Lyons from Atlanta, previously on our staff, back to direct the 3 or 6 day retreat June 12-18

We also welcome Sr. Marie Barth, P B V M , from Dubuque, Iowa, our artist in residence for one week, who is again offering her retreat "Spirituality in Beauty" from June 26-July 1. More about both of those in our next newsletter.

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