March 1, 2000 Vol. 14, No. 1 [p. 1]

Dear Friends-

The Y 2 K scare has passed and we have entered the next millennium. Does it feel any different to you? It feels just like 1999 to me except that each time I date a letter or a check I am reminded a new era is upon us. I am so grateful that the new always builds on the past and that God in his merciful love will walk with us through each ever-evolving day.

The psalms are replete with remembrances of what God had for the Chosen People in the past as an assurance that God would be with them in the future. That gives me so much comfort-- but I need always to keep my memory sharpened and frequently recall to mind God's faithfulness so that I never take God's gifts for granted.

It was January 2, 1987 that The Dwelling Place came to birth. On Jan. 2, 2000 we took the first adolescent steps into our 14th year. The miracles of God's fathfulness flood our memory of those years.

God never allowed us to become comfortable in our disciplineship. In 1990 we invited Associates to join us in our ministry and Christian walk. By 1995 God began stretching us to follow more closely. For the last five years we have struggled with the vision to form a lay Community whose main focus was this ministry. The call seemed so total, so all encompassing, so frightening. But then we must remember God's past faithfulness and with confidence we walk into the future.


Even with all your donations and services we have finished 1999 with a $4000 deficit. Whether meeting our current expenses or trusting in an uncertain future we trust that God has a vision and will see us through.

Round 'n About

The library is finished!! Now, just like any big town' library, you need only fill out its card to check out a book.

A vision without a task might be a mirage;
A task without a vision can be drudgery;
But a vision with a task brings hope to the world.

THANKS TO EVERYONE who helped complete this very lengthy task. "Special Thanks" to Morag Burgess, our librarian, who spearheaded the project and to Sheila Avery, our secretary, and all the typists and "pasters!"

The Dwelling Place has received a $2500 grant from the Catholic Foundation of Jackson. The moneys are earmarked for partial funding for a back-up generator in case of a power outage.

We are very grateful for the support of the Catholic Foundation to assist us in our ministry here.

Advent Retreatants

Six friends from Starkville and two from Jackson paused December 10-11 to reflect upon the true meaning of the Advent-Christmas season. They were challenged by simple empty bird nests to hollow out an inner space to prepare for Christ in their lives.

August 11-12 "Come and See"

"Come and see" what this Dwelling Place Community and their Way of Life is all about.

"Come and feel" the Franciscan spirit that permeates this place and draws and fills these people.

"Come and meet" some who form this 'circle of Christian believers who seek to follow the spirit's direction in the ministry of The Dwelling Place.'

"Come and catch the spirit." Come to this overnight to listen, learn, and experience. Who knows? Maybe here is the next step in your Christian walk.

Director: Morag Burgess, MCSp ____ Fee: $35.00

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