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Members of The Dwelling Place Community are:

Walking in simplicity and trust, the Community provides an ecumunical outreach that intercedes for the needs of the people of God, especially in Mississippi- to touch, to walk with, to be a light to all in a multicultural area... to reverence all creation.

Community members
The Dwelling Place Community
(l-r) Mary Horrell, Karen Henry, Clare Van Lent, Debbie Lankford, Shirley Butler and Clara Hicks.


Participants attend gatherings held throughout the year and join in the group's life of prayer. Members also contribute to the operating expenses of The Dwelling Place ministry... Candidates, as their gifts allow... Sojourners, Companions and Covenant members, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

are invited to begin their affiliation with the Community and spend a year familiarizing themselves with the spirituality and history of Franciscan charism. Candidates can subsequently request a one-year membership as a Sojourner.

are members in transition. At this level, individuals can renew their commitment to the Community annually for four additional years as a prerequisite for Companion or Covenant membership.

form the core of the Community and assist with The Dwelling Place at least once a month within their life situation... living in the world, living the Gospel in the spirit of Francis.

Covenant members...
commit themselves to live and minister at The Dwelling Place. Covenant members nurture Community life, pray the Divine Office daily and intercede for the world, for those who request prayer and for the ministry of The Dwelling Place.

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